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Menopause Mondays: Do You Know About Vaginal Dryness?

Got a Vagina?  Know someone who does? Is your vagina going through troublesome changes? If it was, would you be aware of it? Would you speak about it to anyone?  Would you talk to your partner, lover, husband, or even your doctor about it? Let me introduce you to Vaginal Atrophy (VA)!  Is Vaginal Atrophy …

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Ellen Dolgen's Menopause Mondays

Menopause Mondays: Vaginal Dryness- Painful Sex

Sex is supposed to feel good—like, toe-curling, spine-tingling good. But if your vagina feels anything like those of many menopausal women, having sex is downright unappealing—and painful, for that matter. Guess what? It doesn’t have to!
Ready to bring back your pre-perimenopausal and menopausal days? Here’s your multipronged approach toward getting the pain-free sex you deserve.

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If you want to educate your employees, colleagues, or friends about menopause, look no further!