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Menopause Infographic – Brain Fog

You’re in the middle of a conversation with a colleague, and lose your train of thought halfway through a sentence.  Your desk is plastered with sticky note reminders. It’s not in your head: Menopausal memory loss is real. As hormones fluctuate in your body during menopause, cognitive functions are affected.  Doctors say self-reported memory problems are

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Menopause Infographic – Dry Vagina

Let’s face it, love can hurt. And I’m not talking about the he-left-me-for-a-younger-model-and-broke-my-heart kind of hurt. I’m talking about the physical pain that can be associated with intercourse during menopause. There’s actually a medical term for painful intercourse: dyspareunia (really??) If you’re experiencing pain during sex, you could be suffering from vaginal atrophy or VA (I used

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