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Menopause News Flash: New Menopause Alliance Aims to Educate Women on Vaginal Discomfort/More Women Under 50 Should Be Receiving Regular Mammograms

Vaginas, rejoice! Novo Nordisk has just launched GLAM™ (Great Life After Menopause). Five outspoken women’s health advocates joining together to empower women to break the taboo around vaginal health and seek the help they need and deserve. I’m excited to be a key spokesperson for the alliance! Read more about the GLAM™ (Great Life After Menopause) alliance. #NovoNordiskSponsor

Ellen Dolgen's Menopause Mondays

How to Stop Perimenopausal Migraines

It’s the middle of the day and you’re on your back with the blinds closed, a wet washcloth over your eyes, and a nauseated feeling in the pit of your stomach. What’s that got to do with perimenopause? In a word: hormones. Migraines, unlike other headaches, are often hormonal in nature, so intense fluctuations of hormones (especially estrogen!) in women can egg on and worsen migraines, according to Susan Hutchinson, M.D., director of the Orange County Migraine & Headache Center in Irvine, California. Learn some easy ways on how to stop perimenopausal migraines in their tracks!

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