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Ellen Dolgen's Menopause Mondays

How to Stop Perimenopausal Migraines

It’s the middle of the day and you’re on your back with the blinds closed, a wet washcloth over your eyes, and a nauseated feeling in the pit of your stomach. What’s that got to do with perimenopause? In a word: hormones. Migraines, unlike other headaches, are often hormonal in nature, so intense fluctuations of hormones (especially estrogen!) in women can egg on and worsen migraines, according to Susan Hutchinson, M.D., director of the Orange County Migraine & Headache Center in Irvine, California. Learn some easy ways on how to stop perimenopausal migraines in their tracks!

Ellen Dolgen's Menopause Mondays

Menopause Mondays: Re-decorate my what? Is hysterectomy the right theme this holiday?

By now, you’ve probably crawled into the attic or dug through the hall closet to retrieve your family’s Christmas decorations to prepare for trimming your home and tree. The holidays are a fun opportunity to let out our inner Martha, and sometimes the best redecorating project begins with downsizing. However, when it comes to our bodies, we should be cautious before we start throwing out what we think is no longer working.

Ellen Dolgen's Menopause Mondays

Menopause Mondays: Dear Ellen! Step 1: Don’t Wait!

It’s the summer of 2012. You’re a happily married mother of six, 2 of your sons are about to get married, your 14 year old daughter has reached puberty, and there’s also a 17 year old and an 11 year old still in the house. Who has time for hot flashes? In our very first edition of our new Ask Ellen! series, Ellen talks to Leigh, a woman from Utah with her hands full who admits she’s waited for too long to reach out for help.

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