expert and women's health advocate publishes fun and informative book and menopause - Ellen Dolgen
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expert and women’s health advocate publishes fun and informative book and menopause

Menopause: Reaching out is IN.
Suffering in silence is OUT.

Support for women going through PM&M
and those who love them


Everyone either goes through menopause or knows someone who will. Now a new book, Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness, is bringing this once hushed topic into the warm, light of feminine friendship and support.

Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness is the quintessential first read on menopause. It’s the first menopause book of its kind: easy, fun, and full of love – like a conversation with a trusted friend. It’s about empowering women and the people who love them in a cut-to-the-chase and easy-to-digest package.

“Everyone goes through menopause in one way or another,” says author Ellen Dolgen (SAY: Ellen Dole-jen) who goes by the pen name “E,” which stands for everyone. “It can be jarring at times, but if you are prepared you can get the support that you need.”

Everyone? Well, yes. If you don’t have a “shmirshky,” Ellen’s playful codeword for vagina and the women who possess them, “then your mother, wife, sister or friend does.” It’s just a matter of time before they will need the understanding, support and crucial information that Shmirshky(pronounced SHMERSH-KEY) provides in the author’s funny, engaging and easy-to-read style.

Ellen refers to the entire perimenopause and menopause experience as PM&M for short. “PM&M is way more fun, plus, it reminds me of something delicious and sweet,” the author says.

Shmirshky is more than a body part and a gender that defines femininity, though, says the author, 57, who lives in Coronado, Calif., enjoys throwing parties for friends and openly chats with just about every woman she meets about their PM&M experience. “It is a spirit, an attitude, and a state of mind,” she says.

Shmirshky evokes confidence, care, and humor during demanding, chaotic, and often depressing times,” Ellen says. “Shmirshky is dealing with life’s daily challenges with a grin instead of a grimace. Shmirshky is fun, playful, sexy, and accepting.”

In addition to Ellen’s PM&M stories, Shmirshky, the book, is filled with funny menopause tales and stories, and heart warming personal experiences from a variety of women. Shmirshky condenses a confusing and daunting medical topic into an easy to understand, purse-sized guide which can be used as a reference book throughout the perimenopause and menopause experience. It’s Cliff’s Notes for perimenopause and menopause.

“This book is for regular women and men who don’t want to pour through hundreds of pages of medical text,” Ellen says. “The book speaks volumes so you don’t have to read volumes.”

Unlike other menopause books, this unique guide includes the Menopause Symptoms Chart that women can fill out and bring to their doctor. This chart helps doctors understand each woman’s unique challenges to better assist each woman in finding the help she needs.

Also included in Shmirshky is a Hormone Therapy Brand chart that lists hormone options and identifies which of them are bio-identical and which are not. This is a rare resource and is extremely helpful for women who decide to take Hormone Therapy during their time in perimenopause and menopause.

Shmirshky is an easy-to-understand primer for men who may know next to nothing about this change in the lives of the women they love. Women can feel comfortable giving this book to their loved ones so that they can better provide understanding and support.

More than a book, Shmirshky is also the basis for the author’s comprehensive and interactive website and blog,, where women and men can go to get information and share their stories. It’s all part of her goal of providing love, support, humor and no-nonsense information to the sisterhood who are, will or have gone through perimenopause and menopause.

Ellen is eager to help women and the people who love them understand perimenopause and menopause.  Feel free to contact Ellen directly at .

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