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Hello Ellen -I saw you on the CBS News Sunday Morning. (You looked great, by the way!! I want to say thank you for all of the work and time you have put into educating women about menopause over the years.  I am now almost 70 and you made a difference in the quality of my life. I have received your email/blog for years. And you recently made a HUGE difference in my quality of life when I moved to Ohio by suggesting I see Dr. Holly Thacker with the Cleveland Clinic when my “new” GYN with Ohio State Uni Wexner Medical Center said I had to stop HRT solely due to my age, without taking into consideration my past excellent health while being on it.  Even the prior 10 yrs we lived in Chicago I had to research Drs that were educated correctly on menopause…and still had to battle to keep taking HRT.  You have improved and changed the quality of life of many women and I wanted you to know that you made a difference in this one-me!


You were beyond prepared with the flow and tracking of your presentation, natural, warm, engaging, and funny. You held attention the entire time.  You are inspiring not just for the way you advocate for women but for what we can do as women in the (as you called it) encore parts of our lives.  We can continue to pursue new dreams and passions, be powerful, and forces for change.


This doesn’t look like an encore.  This looks like the beginning of the culmination of your work.  This looks like what happens when you stay true, unwavering, and focused in advocacy, and the public FINALLY starts to catch on. Now it’s full speed ahead!


Last night was so important to my friend as well.  She was being gaslit in her home for her symptoms and she left feeling SO validated, relieved, and informed. She’s ready to take charge of her health and has the information to do it.


It was a fun night and very educational. The Menopause Mondays event opened several doors for me to speak more openly with my loved ones…. Thank you!!!!


Such a great learning experience for women of all ages.  Again, thank you for such a great evening! And thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.  ❤️


I so needed you when I was 48!! What an amazing evening, Ellen. You were extraordinary and brought so much warmth, joy, and love to all those you touch.


I just wanted to reach out to say thank you again for your incredible Menopause Mondays party last night…What a treat! I absolutely loved watching you share your expertise and passion for all things menopause, and I truly learned a lot!


Hi Ellen, I’m thrilled I found your website! I’m 47 years old, and I feel like I’m losing my mind, even though I understand what I’m going through and talk to people who have experienced the same symptoms as me. Your blog has brought me great comfort and information.
— Donna

I had a hysterectomy in May and have been experiencing very difficult symptoms.  I’ve been researching for a couple of months now and until I found your blog,  the research was very overwhelming  — thank you for making it easier for me to find a menopause specialist and understand that I need to talk to my doctor about estrogen replacement.
— Susan

I’m thrilled to hear this discussion on menopause. I am 58 and used to be a very sexual person.  Your blog on vaginal atrophy helped me so much.  Thank you!
— Lisa

LOVED your book on so many levels!  What a treat!  I laughed so, so hard, but I was also taken aback by how much I didn’t know!  I can tell you that my perimenopause/ menopause plan was literally to tough it out!  No big deal, I thought, I am “fine”!  AHA!!!!!!What a gift you gave me that I will pass on in a huge way! I look forward to receiving your Menopause Mondays Blog every Monday. Thank you!
— Marilyne

Dear Ellen,  I want to thank you and let you know I have finally gotten to a compounding pharmacy for bio identical hormone therapy.  I no longer have to carry at least one washcloth with me so I could mop my face. The night sweats have decreased by at least 90%.  I had talked with by gynecologist and we had tried the patches.  They worked for about 4 months and then they started to quit working as well.  Eventually it was like I was not taking a thing.  I have been on the new cream for almost 2 months and so far so good.  Thank you so much for all your help.
— Mary

I’ve signed up for newsletters and downloaded the symptom chart – WOW what a help that was when I brought it in with me to my doctor’s appointment.  Thank you for saving my life and my marriage!
— Joy

Dear Ellen – your site and book have been a blessing to me as I so struggle with a combination of thyroid & menopause. I can’t imagine living many more years feeling like this.  Many days I am so depressed I don’t want to get out of bed.  Thank you for your wonderful information.  I am hoping to find answers now. If you are a woman experiencing perimenopause or menopause, then the answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes, according to our sister and Menopause Goddess, Ellen Dolgen.

Like so many of us, Ellen was blindsided by the Change. How did she handle it? With humor, straight talk, and girlfriends. Under the pen name “E”, Ellen Dolgen chronicles her journey through what she calls PM&M – something that she says sounds like much more fun than perimenopause and menopause. (So many things are much more fun: like root canals, plumbing leaks, flat tires – but I digress.)

If you are a midlife woman and think an alien has taken over your body or that you are going not-so-slowly crazy, then you need to read her book. This hilarious and helpful tome will have convince you that you are not only NORMAL, but that you are not alone.Laugh your way through “Ellen’s” Big M adventures: from hot flashes to hormones, sleeplessness to sadness, helplessness to happy once again. I swear that she and I are twins separated at birth – laughter and sisterhood are two mainstays that will guarantee safe passage through the menopause transition.
— Lynette Sheppard, Menopause Goddess Blog, Author of The Big M and Becoming A Menopause Goddess

 OMG!!! As my daughter might text, Ellen Dolgen’s book is sensational! I haven’t finished yet but I can’t put it down. I wanted to share a experience with you about my visit to the hair salon this morning. A few women and myself, while our color was processing, got on the subject of menopause. We laughed and talked openly, and I found that I am not alone on this journey. This book helped to facilitate the conversation so I am so grateful that I happened upon your Doctor Radio visit. I let the women know about your book and they were going home to download it on their kindles. Thanks for listening, caring and educating PM&M women!
— Cindy

This book is wonderful! Not only is it informative but SO entertaining!!! I loved reading this book, I felt like the author could be one of my girlfriends. It had a clever “sex in the city” feeling to it, which I adore! I am not the typical middle aged woman going through this natural (and awful) experience, I am a 20 something that was thrown into Menopause during chemotherapy. I felt so much better knowing that there was an explanation to how I was feeling and I wasn’t alone.  Not only did reading this book help me but the actual author helped me! She put me in contact with an amazing doctor that specializes in hormones and has experience with “survivors” of cancer. She is an amazing woman and a true advocate for women’s health. She has helped me get my life and my body back. When I have children you better believe I will be naming one of them after this magnificent and truly remarkable woman. Do yourself a BIG favor and read this book, give it to your mom, friends, anyone you love.

This book holds a unique place in women’s literature. Rarely does a printed work teach a woman something without patronizing her. And even more rarely does it entertain her. It respects the women it teaches; it also gives them a few laughs making them feel less alone in their journey though this lifestage. All of that is possible because “Ellen” is fearless. She’s not afraid of knowledge, or being vulnerable. She puts herself out there to let you know her innermost experiences and thoughts, but she has the voice and presence of a natural teacher – someone who is eager to help others, not have to reinvent the wheel that she was forced to reinvent.
—  Robin Donovan, Menologues, Author of Is It Still Murder, Even If She Was a Bitch?

As a clinical endocrinologist, I see women every day who have the issues Ellen discusses so vividly. I am going to make Ellen Dolgen’s mandatory reading for them. I can imagine Shmirshky Clubs springing up around the country. We owe Ellen a huge thanks for making us aware of, and helping us laugh with, women going through PM&M (perimenopause and menopause). We, their husbands, salute you.
— Daniel Einhorn, MD, FACP, Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD

Every woman needs to read this book. With great humor, some of which had me howling with laughter, Ellen concisely and intelligently illustrates some of the diverse experiences women may have during the perimenopausal and menopausal years. She provides an insider’s view into the ways in which women can turn a difficult journey into an uplifting rallying cry for love, caring and support.
Joseph F. Kennedy, MD, FACOG, Board Certified ABOG

This book saved my wife! — The-one-and-only Husband of Ellen

An essential read for all women or anyone with a woman in their life – husbands, boyfriends, even the kids! Quite possibly the most perfect Mother’s Day gift. An informative, fun and engaging read! — Author Derek Kent

As I read this book all I could do was smile and nod my head. I repeatedly found my own experiences being described – and the best part was, the book was fun to read. Although this little book covers a very serious topic it is done in a way that can make you laugh at yourself. Important messages are shared in an interesting way. It’s a book every woman should read.
Debra C. Allen (Amazon.com Review)

Take PM&M seriously — but not too seriously! Curl up with a glass of wine and prepare to laugh and to cry as if you were in a private tete-a-tete with Ellen herself. Ellen brings wit and humor to one of life’s inevitabilities: PM&M (you’ll have to read the book for translations!). With compassion and empathy, she tells her story and you will think it’s your own. She dries your tears, educates you about PM&M symptoms and coaches you through an MD visit. Ellen is your advocate until you are strong enough to advocate for yourself. Ellen guides you through the maze of options available to relieve symptoms, restore your sanity and improve your health. She offers the latest research, from established to alternative sources. You will enjoy this little gem of a friend for many years. Thank you Ellen!!
—  BeeAlexandra (Amazon user review)

The book is terrific.  Informative, funny, clever, supportive, loving…all the things a sweaty, bloated, edgy middle-aged woman needs!

I wanted to tell you that you and your book made a tremendous impact on one of my daughters.  She was talking to me about how she was feeling and her story was identical to what you told me about your experience during perimenopause  I gave her your book, she read it from cover to cover and saw her gynecologist.  Fortunately he listened to her and put her on bioidentical hormones and she is back to her normal self.  She asked me to thank you for sharing your experience via your book.
— Bev

I just finished reading your book and I wanted to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed it. You are an amazing writer and the book is thoughtful, funny, scary, honest and completely enjoyable….and fucking funny. Being a woman is so complicated and twisted and fun and this book really relates to all those elements. I can’t wait to buy it for my girlfriends. Love you. — Lauren

This book is an easy quick read — I would guess most could get through it in less than two hours. Here is what I got out of it:
•   My first true read/discussion regarding menopause.
•    A clear understanding of what some of the symptoms can be, some I knew most I had no idea.
•    A few added common medical issues that women our age could be dealing with — and that I should watch for, and how.
•    A spring board to start a conversation with my family and girlfriends regarding menopause
•    Enough information that I feel better prepared to talk with others and how to address the issue with my physician.
•    A true feeling of — I’m not alone. Another woman I respect has shared her pretty challenging journey.  I don’t have to be “fine” and I will still be able to keep my “get it all done woman card”.

And it was done with such great humor and innuendo! By the way, I did not start my period until I was almost 17 and faked it for a good two years because I did not want my friends to know.
— Kathleen

Spent an enjoyable time reading the book:-) Nicely written….conversational…..easy read…..fun….candid….intimate. Your spirit and energy and caring. Bravo! Back to Paris tue eve. bises
— Michael

I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying your book. I literally have been up late every night this week reading and I find myself laughing out loud page after page! The content is so fantastic and the way that you write deliver information really makes the reader feel as though they connect with you personally. As I read I really feel as though your message speaks to me, particularly some of the life lessons shared throughout. I want to thank you for offering such inspiration and sharing your knowledge and experiences with others.

I know that you’ll continue to motivate other women, as I have been, to live truly fulfilled lives. I consider your book a gift and will definitely recommend it to my circle of friends and beyond.
— Mojgan

I read the first few chapters of your book at lunch, and truly have not laughed so much. I’m 55, and have been PM&Ming for 11 years. I have just about defeated the beast. You describe everything perfectly with such a sense of humor!! Thanks again!
— Marcia

My dear Friend…you are the best! I received your book yesterday and Happy Birthday to you, too.  You did it! I didn’t put your book down and read until I finished it around 10 pm. Loved it all.  It was just like you were in front of me telling the story and the humor was great.  I laughed so hard at times and when not laughing, I was totally absorbed in your story.  Your wit made the story flow and the facts were so easy to understand. It simplified the meds and made sense of PM&M so that all can understand.

You’ve got a hit here.  Oprah will be calling you!  Congratulations and all the best as the whirlwind is about to begin.
— Marilyn

Received your book in the mail and immediately read it……was curious as to why it was titled Shmirshky. I found out immediately and it was a fun and humorous read…..I found myself smiling and laughing out loud. — Susan

Just finished reading the book. It’s informative, it’s easy, it’s funny and it’s accurate and it’s you. I actually hear you talking. Great job.
—  Ina

What a great book! I wish I had all this information 5 years ago….it would have been an informative guide to help me through menopause while laughing all the way. I especially enjoyed the part about interviewing doctors because I actually did that.  I asked if I could have a consultation and I went through 3 before finding someone that knew more about a women’s body than delivering babies. I love my gyno…..she is about 45 and very hip….like talking to a friend and it is so comforting to be able to speak to someone who cares and understands.

If you decide to write a sequel, let me know, I can fill you in with my experience AFTER menopause!

Good luck…..I hope you make it to Oprah!  AND….Happy Birthday to you too!
— Marian

Got my wonderful package today! Sat down and read through everything! What can I say?? Brilliant! Wonderful! Well thought out! Humorous! Hilarious! Touching! Heart Felt! A Masterpiece!

My favorite stories are “The SUMO” which I totally relate to and the uncomfortable clothes–get rid of with a huge trashbag–which I have been doing lately.

Love your photo at the back–You are a BABE!!
— Robin

I passed the restaurant Sumo Sushi on Van Nuys Boulevard and realized that I needed to live SUMO-FREE, and that got me through the rest of the day. So, even though I am not someone going through PM&M, I have been positively affected by your words. I wish you the best of luck with the book–I will definitely be ordering copies for family and friends.

Best wishes today, and thanks!!!
— Greg

I think the book is fantastic. It almost made me cry. It was like a best friend talking to you about the things you don’t talk about (well, WE talk about them in every restaurant in NYC, but hey–about those gray pubic hairs, no beauty expert ever mentions THEM!) I think you did an amazing job and filled a real void. Are you lined up for any shows in NYC? Get a copy off to Kathy Lee Gifford for sure! Oprah? Get her a copy!!! I would love to do a Menopause Mondays party with a cake with your red bush motif on the icing!!!
— Robin

Omg Ellen,
I just finished your book!  Ok I was up at 6 thanks to my husband’s snoring and jet lag and only stopped to make a latte. This book couldn’t have come at a better time!!! I have been in the midst of deciding hormones or not.  My doctor says, “why suffer???” I laughed soooo much and found it incredibly thorough. Thank you thank you! I have more than 10 friends to tell!!
—  xxx Roxanne

Ellen does a fantastic job a breaking it all down, answering questions, giving you questions to ask, and making you feel like you’re not alone on this ride (which, you are not). Like I said when I first posted about it, it’s not a book you read; it’s a book that reads to you. The feel is as if Ellen is right there with you having a drink and a bit of lively discussion on a topic many women are uncomfortable with, but need not be. This is a must read for every woman (and a great heads up for all the men out there).
— AnneBender (GoodReads Review)

Thank you so much for sharing your book.  It’s a superb book and it certainly has brought me a belly of laughs! It’s not only funny, it’s informative. It covers all aspects about the ups and downs of menopause and what you can do about them.  It’s a great read for all women going through the menopause transition.
— Karen Giblin, President and Founder, Red Hot Mamas North America (www.redhotmamas.org)

This book is very different from the typical book about menopause. It will have you laughing out loud while you read about a subject that many women tend to sweep under the rug…I was very impressed with the detailed information that is available in this book. I was surprised when I found myself smiling, laughing and nodding my head as I read about the experiences of the author. This book will give women hope for a better and healthier future.
— Janette Fuller (5 Star Review on Amazon.com and GoodReads.com )

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