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Why Book Ellen Dolgen?

Step into the world of Ellen Dolgen, a woman who found herself caught in a bewildering labyrinth of forgetfulness, sleeplessness, and emotional turbulence during crucial business meetings and even casual gatherings with friends. Ellen, a vibrant soul from San Diego, California, was faced with an unnerving reality – her thoughts were slipping away like sand through her fingers, her energy spiraling into an unpredictable rollercoaster, and tears unexpectedly streaming down her face while washing dishes at a friend’s place.

But destiny had a unique twist for Ellen. In the midst of her confusion and concern, she crossed paths with a retired gynecologist, an unexpected savior in the form of a friend. Amid the chaos, this guardian of wisdom recognized the signs others might have missed. With a compassionate arm around her, he uttered those magic words: “Ellen, you’re in perimenopause.”

Imagine Ellen’s first reaction – a mix of shock and disbelief. After all, like many women, she associated menopause with the distant realms of old age. Yet, in an eye-opening conversation, this doctor redefined her understanding of perimenopause, the precursor to the grand finale, menopause itself. A mere two weeks after this enlightening encounter, Ellen felt like herself once more, a remarkable transformation that lit the path to a new mission.

Fuelled by her own frustration and a burning desire to fill the knowledge gap, Ellen embarked on a journey of empowerment. She vividly remembers finding dusty tomes on menopause hidden in the dim corners of a bookstore’s basement – dense, scientific volumes that hardly spoke to the everyday woman’s experience. Determined to change this narrative, she sought an ally in her son, Jack, a gifted writer, and together, they crafted a beacon of light amidst the haze of misinformation.

Their book, a guide to navigating menopause with humor and grace, became a herald of change. As if stepping from the shadows into the spotlight, Ellen pioneered the concept of Menopause Mondays® parties, a refreshing antidote to the stifling silence surrounding menopause. Across the nation, Ellen’s voice resonated as she addressed companies, social clubs, and non-profits. With a refreshing glass in hand, she shattered taboos and shattered the barriers keeping women from the knowledge they deserved.

At these vibrant gatherings, Ellen’s journey acted as the key to unlocking a sea of untold stories. A mere few words from her lips would open the floodgates, igniting a chorus of shared experiences. By night’s end, bonds were forged, shoulders leaned upon, and a sisterhood of support emerged stronger than ever.

Ellen’s journey did not stop at personal empowerment – it galvanized her into a force of transformation. Her relentless pursuit of dismantling the walls between women and the vital education they needed thrust her onto television screens, radio waves, and countless news outlets. The little engine of change she once was, chugging along against the odds, had become a beacon, illuminating the path to understanding menopause with grace and knowledge.

So, picture Ellen Dolgen not as a passive observer of her own experience but as a dynamic catalyst for change. A modern-day trailblazer who transformed her own journey into a roadmap of enlightenment for women everywhere. If you’re seeking to educate, empower, and uplift those around you about menopause, Ellen’s story is the embodiment of resilience and change, a testament to the power of shared stories and unwavering determination.

If you want to educate your employees, colleagues, or friends about menopause, look no further.

Ellen Dolgen is an experienced, inspiring, and engaging speaker who empowers women to manage the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges of menopause. Her speaking engagements are tailored to meet the unique needs of any organization or group, providing valuable insights and practical strategies to help women navigate midlife.

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