Embracing Menopause's Newfound Freedom - Ellen Dolgen

Embracing Menopause’s Newfound Freedom

Welcome back to Menopause Mondays!  This is my birthday month. To celebrate, I want to point out the many silver linings of menopause. Imagine that!?!?!?

Shedding the Weight of Expectations: Picture this: Menopause is like a grand emancipation parade. We strut down the streets, tossing societal expectations aside like confetti. Goodbye, judgmental glances! Farewell to midlife hair and style rules.  Pick your own style! Menopause grants us the courage to step into our truth and shed the weight of others’ opinions.

Confident in Our Skin: If your fluctuating hormones take you on a horribly disorienting rollercoaster ride, find a menopause specialist to help you regain balance. Don’t have one –I’ve got you- here are tips on how to find one. This journey teaches us that confidence is not about looking a certain way; it’s about staying healthy and celebrating our unique selves.

Releasing Insecurities: Menopause gifts us a magic wand to zap away insecurities that once held us back. We stop seeking validation from others and recognize that the only approval we genuinely need is our own.

As we embrace the freedom to be our authentic selves, menopause becomes a dance of self-discovery. We rediscover passions, interests, and dreams that might have been buried beneath the weight of societal expectations. I discovered my encore career in the vagina business!

Breaking the Mold: Who says we must fit into a predetermined mold? Menopause hands us the chisel to break free from limiting beliefs and societal norms. We redefine what it means to be a woman in this phase of life.

Embracing Imperfection: We learn that perfection is an illusion, and the beauty of imperfection lies in its authenticity.  We are all perfectly imperfect. Menopause whispers in our ears, “It’s okay not to have it all figured out.”

Living Unapologetically: Menopause sets the stage for our grand performance as women who no longer apologize for living life on our terms. We laugh, cry, own our presence, and do it all without seeking permission.

Saying “No” with Grace: Menopause gifts us the art of gracefully saying “no.” We recognize that it’s not selfishness—it’s self-preservation. After all, “no” is a full sentence!

Owning Our Choices: We no longer hide behind societal expectations or fear of judgment. Menopause unleashes our inner lioness, empowering us to roar with conviction and own our choices.

Menopause is like a metamorphosis, transforming us into fearless butterflies who soar high above the judgments and opinions of others. It’s a time to celebrate our newfound freedom of not caring what others think!

So, ladies, let’s dance to the rhythm of our own hearts, reveling in the beauty of our uniqueness. Let’s embrace our authentic selves, laugh at life’s quirks, and live unapologetically. After all, menopause isn’t just a phase—it’s our grand celebration of womanhood in all its glory!

As I roar into my 70s, I am reminded that the best gift for soaring through menopause is to be your authentic, unapologetic self!

My motto:  Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

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If you want to educate your employees, colleagues, or friends about menopause, look no further!

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