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Happy Memorial Day

Wishing you a meaningful Memorial Day filled with gratitude and remembrance.


2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day”

  1. After years of going through menopause at age 45, and not having any symptoms: 2 years ago I developed severe hot flashes and anxiety, and was placed on the lowest dose available of hormone replacement therapy. The symptoms went away. Now at 59, i’ll be 60 in January , they want to take me off due to potential side affects of heart disease and breast cancer: neither run in my family nor do I have these problems. I’ve been on a weaning schedule of every other day. Hot flashes and anxiety have already returned and now I don’t know how to manage them. The instructions I was given to manage them don’t apply to my current lifestyle-so now what? Recommendations appreciated ☹️

    1. Sherlynn, be sure that you are going to a menopause specialist. This specialist will be trained on the latest information and studies. Plenty of women remain on their hormone therapy (HT) after the age 60. The science states that if a woman has NEVER been on hormone therapy, it is best not to BEGIN HT after the age of 60. A proper evaluation of your HT options should include your quality of life and your personal history.
      Be sure to read my latest blog on hot flashes – Menopause Mondays Hot Flash Relief Tips — https://ellendolgen.com/2023/05/whats-new-hot-flash/
      There is a new new Non-Hormonal Drug just approved on May 12th by the FDA, called VEOZAHTM (Fezolinetant)!!! Veozah is not a hormone. It has a different mechanism of action for treating moderate to severe VMS by targeting the root cause of hot flashes and night sweats where they begin, which is in the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus is responsible for regulating body temperature. I do not believe it will help with anxiety. So HT may still be your best option.
      I would find another menopause specialist and get another opinion before I go off of the hormones completely.
      Good Luck and keep me posted!!!

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