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Chart Your Menopause Symptoms

If you think you or someone you love might be experiencing perimenopause symptoms, I am here to support you.  Don’t freak out! You should know that you’re not going crazy, and you’re NOT ALONE! Millions of women worldwide are experiencing similar challenges.  In the U.S.  6,000 women enter menopause each day. I know you might have a hard time not being “fine,” but it’s okay. Take a deep breath. We can’t all be “fine” all the time!

The most important thing to do is find a healthcare provider specializing in perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. I have some helpful tips on how to find a menopause specialist here.

Finding a menopause specialist is critical for your well-being. This might not be the same person who delivered your babies or yearly Pap smears.  A specialist will have the unique knowledge and skill set necessary to offer you menopause help.  Think of your menopause specialist as your menopause business partner.  I recommend interviewing them before you select one.

Your specialist may do some blood tests to determine where you are in your menopause journey.  However, an essential part of the conversation is how are YOU feeling? This is why I created a Menopause Mondays Symptoms Chart. I suggest downloading this chart a month before you go in for your appointment to begin charting your symptoms.

Bring this filled-out chart to your first appointment.  It will help you communicate accurately and swiftly how you feel so that your specialist can create an individualized protocol to meet your personal health needs.

Many women have found it helpful to share the filled-out chart with their loved ones so they can better understand and support them along the way.  You may find that your pubescent child may be experiencing some of the same symptoms.  I call that a perfect storm! Yikes!

Here is the link to my Menopause Mondays Symptoms Chart…………download this now and start tracking!

Get the help you need and deserve!!!

My Motto:  Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

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