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Do You Need Menopause Support?

Got perimenopause, menopause, or post-menopause?


I was blindsided by the onset of perimenopause. My first symptom was brain fog. I was afraid that I was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. I would lose my train of thought mid-sentence. It was scary. Shortly after that, I became sleepless and not in Seattle with Tom Hanks. I felt like I was no longer in control of my body.

I spent hours and hours searching for information to help me understand what was happening to my body and my life. My computer became my best friend. We were up all night long together, reading books, online information, doctor interviews on brain fog and insomnia. I just wanted something or someone who could explain what was happening to my body.

Lucky for me, a retired gynecologist finally diagnosed me. I guess it was highly unusual to suddenly break out into tears while drying dishes at a friend’s dinner party. Thanks to this fantastic doctor, I began to understand that I was in perimenopause. Perimenopause is the 6-10 years before a woman reaches menopause. It is during this time that women can experience many debilitating symptoms.

It was challenging reading and comprehending all the conflicting dry information about perimenopause while sleepless and foggy-brained. The information was confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming. My head was spinning!

So, I reached out to the women who had guided me through things like my first period, childbirth, parenting, and career. Sadly, when I tried to broach the conversation about menopause –I was met with strange radio silence. Unfortunately, my mentors were very uncomfortable talking about this subject. These women had previously shared every excruciating (!) detail about their childbirth experiences. I could have done without hearing most of those horror stories!

I am now post-menopausal, and NOT at all embarrassed to talk about the various stages of menopause with you or with strangers for that matter. My husband calls me, “The Vagina Whisperer,” as I can spot women anywhere who are struggling with menopausal symptoms! Much to his dismay, I am known to walk over to them and break into a conversation about menopause without any hesitation.

I am here for you too!

Download my free eBook, MENOPAUSE MONDAYS The Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause. The chapters are divided up by symptoms so that you can use the book as a menopausal toolkit! Think of me as your best friend that just happens to know a lot about the various stages of menopause. I interview the top experts in the field to get the latest scoop and then deliver it to you in layperson speak with a little humor and lots of love.

My MenopauseMondays®  Blog Blog is an extension of the book, as it provides the latest info and creates a safe place for women to share their experiences and chat openly with each other. It is time to educate ourselves about menopause, so we can all get the help we need and deserve! You can receive my FREE MenopauseMondays®  Blog by signing up here! 

Time to think inside the box! If you have a vagina or know someone who does, please share my free information with them. Let’s have some straight talk about perimenopause, menopause, post-menopause, and all the accouterments that come along with it, like hot flashes, hormone therapy, dry vagina, anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc. Check out my Menopause Symptoms Chart for a more detailed list. I recommend that you start charting your symptoms. This will help you explain quickly and accurately exactly how you have been feeling to your Menopause Specialist.  Oh, you don’t have a specialist.  I have plenty of tips on how to find a Menopause Specialist that is up on the latest menopause information/studies and can create an individualized program that fits your particular health needs. Think of this specialist as your Menopause Business partner!

Let me know if you need more information about a symptom that is troubling you or your loved one. I am here to help support you!

Remember:  Suffering in silence is OUT!  Reaching out is IN.

If you want to educate your employees, colleagues, or friends about menopause, look no further! 

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8 thoughts on “Do You Need Menopause Support?”

  1. Hello Ellen

    I live in San Diego, too.
    We both had our procedures by Dr Karam (Aug 12, I had my VR).

    I just turned 50 this year. Out of nowhere, I’ve started having terrible headaches and anxiety/ heart palpitations out of nowhere. I’m not anxious or depressed…

    It feels like I’m in another body…

    Do you have any recommendations of a doctor in San Diego who prescribes bio identical hormones? Did you try this method? Patches, gels….

    I don’t have anyone to talk with as my friends are younger and I lost my mum very young.

    Thank you and I appreciate your openness about Menopause.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Rachel, We are Karam sisters! HA! At 50 years old, it is no surprise that you are suddenly having symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Be sure to download my free Menopause Mondays Symptoms Chart to start charting your daily symptoms. Take this in with you to your Menopause Specialist to quickly and easily explain how you are feeling. Now for a Menopause Specialist…………..I LOVE mine! Dr. Wendy Buchi with IGO Group. 858-455-7520. Feel free to use my name. I have sent her oodles of patients….everyone has had wonderful success.

  2. Hello Ellen,
    Enjoy your emails. Plus we were both born on the same day!
    My question to you is I’m 59 years old, post menopausal. Had very little problems during my menopause, Thank God! I’m at the point now that I want to know, or there any test that I should have at my age, I have an appointment with my gynecologist in December for my annual visit and also for my mammogram. I have had a bone density test done already twice. No problems there.
    If you can let me know, as soon as possible, I would appreciate any suggestions, before I go to my doctor.
    Thank you,

    1. We are both Virgos, Loretta! Happy you had an easy menopausal journey. Tests for midlife: Mamogram, Cholesterol/Lipids, Pelvic Exam – check the pH levels/vaginal dryness, Colorectal cancer screening/Colonoscopy, Bone Density, Blood pressure check, Skin and mole checks, Vision….. Hope this is helpful!

  3. Hi Ellen,
    I live in Maryland and have been suffering from hot flashes , low libido and mood swings since menopause .
    I am 56 years. Can you recommend any MD’s in Maryland who can help?
    My OB/GYN hasn’t helped.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi! I am 44 years old. My mom had menopause in her early 40’s. I am suffering from menopause now.

    Is it weird that I sometimes miss having my period? I got really bad migraines with my periods. Now that I am in menopause I don’t have them as much anymore.

    I am happy I wake up and can just put my underpants on without a pad. Sometimes I miss my periods though. I must be some weirdo.

    Do your breasts hurt still in menopause? I am noticing them sore like I’m getting my period. This is all new to me, menopause.

    I have stopped getting my periods October 25, 2019. That was my last period ever and it was a full period.

    I guess what I’m asking for is can you guide me through the beginning of this new journey I am in?

    Thank you so much!!!!

    1. Linda, you are definitely in menopause as you have not had a period in over a year. There are over 35+ symptoms of menopause. Be sure to download my free Menopause Mondays® Symptoms Chart and start charting my symptoms. I am not sure if you have a Menopause Specialist, but if you don’t and are having symptoms – You need one! I have oodles info on my website to help educate you about the options available to help you deal with these often life-changing menopause symptoms so that you can speak to your Menopause Specialist about them. For example, if you search breast tenderness – you will find this blog: Painful Breasts During Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post-Menopause
      Here is the link:
      On November 15th, my MENOPAUSE MONDAYS® Blog will give you tips on how to find a Menopause Specialist in your neighborhood.

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