The Clitoris - Ellen Dolgen
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The Clitoris

We all agree that the vagina is truly quite exceptional!  It expands and contracts to hold just about anything.  It is strong and can give birth to a 9 pound baby and snap back to its normal size.  I wish my hips were that exceptional.

But have you met the vagina’s friend, clitoris?

If not, grab a mirror and take a look down there. This picture from Lioness is helpful:

Clitoris Vulva Diagram 1

The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings…………..that is twice the amount that the penis has.  Not that we are in competition.

If you have been faking your orgasms, it might behoove you to introduce yourself and your partner to your clitoris!

I love this French Clitoris 101 primer:

I hope this tutorial has been helpful!  The pleasure is all mine………..

Remember:  Suffering in silence is OUT!  Reaching out is IN.

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19 thoughts on “The Clitoris”

  1. Cathy Steffanci Sikorski

    First of all, any title that starts with clitoris is something I’m going to read! Ha! I love this video. Leave it to the French! I also love that you’re posting this in a website for midlife women, I think people would be surprised how sexually active we are….and (as Maxwell Smart would say….) loving it!

  2. I love your title, Ellen! Usually, the word gets surrounded by how-tos (as in how to find it or how to pronounce it), or whys (as in why it’s important), or don’ts (as in don’t overlook its role in sexual pleasure). Your approach is refreshingly straightforward!

  3. 8,000 nerve endings? No wonder it hurts to have sex… at least for me. I haven’t ever enjoyed this being touched. Now fast forward 4 years post Menapause…. the desert and this area are certainly not enjoyable. I use lube liberally! I finally have an appt….. 3 weeks to go to a Menapause Specilst. My regular Gyn. just would not prescribe HRT for me. So I left the practice after 23 years. Hope I can see some relief with the new office. We shall see. I do think( for me ) that sex has more to do with emotional /mental factors. Lots of variables. Just sayin…. I like your blog. Any future articles with respect to working out/heart rate/ and nutritional issues I would really like to see. I am interested in the post -Menapause body/weight gain issue. Am working very hard with intake and portion control as it relates to thus time of life. Thanks for your articles!

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