No BS - Bathing Suit Season is Upon Us! - Ellen Dolgen

No BS – Bathing Suit Season is Upon Us!

I know for some, the “F” word is the bad word…but “F” that!  In my menopausal world, the really bad words are the “BS” words. Bathing Suit!

Summertime usually involves lots of eating, drinking, and fun in the sun!  I can’t really procrastinate anymore.  It’s time.  It’s time to deal with the BS!

I keep my BS tucked away in an orange box (of course it’s orange, my fav color). One never knows how this will pan out. The day and time that you try on your old bathing suits must be selected very carefully.  I suggest trying them on the very first thing in the morning before you have even dared to put any fluid or morsel of food into your body.  Have a serious conversation with that loud, critical voice in your head that never thinks anything looks good on you. Get that negative chatter under control.

I opened up the box, brace myself, and then pull out all of my bathing suits – every black one of them! I slip on the first one and face the mirror.  The glare of my bright shining white legs causes me to lunge for my sunglasses. Is this the year that I find a self-tanner that doesn’t make me look orange?????  The freckle population and brown spots are definitely growing from last year.  I do go to a skin doctor and get that once over to make sure they are all harmless.

Things have definitely shifted since last summer! Last year’s bathing suits aren’t fitting quite fitting the same. What BS!  So, I let my fingers do the shopping on my computer’s keyboard.  I prefer to try on bathing suits in the privacy of my own dimly lit bathroom – no neon dressing room lights for me.  My fingers came across the most amazing bathing suit site which displays many different miracle bathing suit brands. I love the bathing suits with the innovative fabric that offers triple holding power! Be sure to scroll down as the suits come in all sizes and shapes.  You can even shop by bra size.

Shop away ladies – these bathing suits are lifesavers!

Of course my “birthday suit,” is the most comfortable, but I only wear that when splashing in my bathtub or shower.

Stock up on your favorite sunscreen and grab a hat and get ready for the BS season.

My Motto:  Suffering in silence is OUT!  Reaching out is IN!

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9 thoughts on “No BS – Bathing Suit Season is Upon Us!”

  1. 1010 Park Place

    It depends on the lighting… In some light, I think I’ll do a bathing suit/lingerie shoot, then again, I take another look in a different light and pull the shades. Brenda

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