Take Your Vagina to the Gym - Problem Areas - Ellen Dolgen

Take Your Vagina to the Gym – Problem Areas

Ellen:  Hi. I’m Ellen from EllenDolgen.com and MENOPAUSE MONDAYS® , and I’m here with my trainer Daniel. It’s time to take my vagina to the gym, come join us. Daniel, women really hate that muffin top and when our bottoms start falling out of our bathing suits, and also jigging thighs. What can you do for us?

Daniel: Well Ellen, today we’re gonna take you ladies through a workout that is gonna hit all of those areas. We’re gonna focus on your core muscles, your glutes, your legs, and your pelvic region.

Ellen: Okay, let’s get to it. I need a lot of work before summer …

Daniel, I’m here. You said take your vagina to the gym. Here we are.

Daniel:  That’s not what I had in mind.  All right, for this group of exercises, we’re gonna focus on the glutes and pelvic region. Ellen is gonna demonstrate three different moves for you. The first is the Glute Bridge, so your feet will be on the ground and your knees bent around 90 degrees. Ellen’s going to lift her hips up high and focus on squeezing her butt. You want a straight line …

Ellen:  Oh, so hard!

Daniel: You want a straight line between your knee, your hip, and your shoulders. The goal is the hold this between 30 and 60 seconds. Now to progress,  make it a little bit more challenging, you’re gonna add an up and down movement. Drop the hips and lift up by squeezing the back of your legs. This is called the Hip Extension. Do 10 to 15 repetitions here.

Now to make it a little bit more challenging, we’re gonna go to a single length hip extension. So Ellen will start by crossing her left leg over right knee. You can also hold the leg up in the air, and then now, she just has one hip lifting herself up and down.  Down and up.

Ellen: This one’s a little tougher.

Daniel: She’s gonna do 10 with her right leg, and then she’s gonna switch and do 10 with her left leg …

This exercise is called The Dead Bug. To start, with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. To make it easier, you’re gonna bring your heels closer to your butt. To make the exercise more difficult, you’re going to extend your leg further apart.

So, Ellen start here about midway and tilt your knee up. She’s gonna hold her arms in front of her. I want you to focus on squeezing your core muscles. Think about pulling your belly button down into the ground, so Ellen will extend her arms back. What she’s going to do is just squeeze her abs and move her arms back and forth.

Ellen: You can’t believe how this little motion really works your core.

Daniel: Every time your arms come forward, really emphasize tightening the midsection and pulling in your belly button into the ground. You can do this one for time such as a minute or for reps, 15 to 20 repetitions.

All right now Ellen’s gonna demonstrate a few leg exercises for you so that way you can look bikini ready by the time the summer comes around

Ellen: Never going to see a bikini again. It’s okay, though, Daniel.

Daniel: All right, so the first exercise is going to be the wall sit. So Ellen step forward, so your feet are about hip-width apart, she’s gonna squat and lower herself as low as possible, but no lower than where your thighs are parallel to the ground, making sure that your ankles are underneath your knees, and the weight is on your heels.

So I often tell Ellen to raise her toes so that way she doesn’t push through her toes. Her stomach muscles are engaged, her lower back is pushed against the wall as well as her head and her shoulders, so everything is in good form with good posture. And you’re just gonna hold this for 30 to 60 seconds.

The final exercise that we’re gonna show you for your legs is the step up. All you need for this is a staircase or a step.

Ellen’s gonna start off with her foot on the staircase. She’s gonna lean slightly forward, and she’s gonna push up and bring her foot together, and then step down.

Now at the top for balance, you can bring both feet to the top. If you’re not worried about balance, you don’t have to put the other leg down. Just step down and step up; 15 repetitions with your right leg, and then she’s gonna do 15 with her left leg.

Ellen: For more great tips on how to deal with menopause, go to EllenDolgen.com, download my free e-book, Menopause Mondays: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving during Perimenopause and Menopause. Thanks for watching.


19 thoughts on “Take Your Vagina to the Gym – Problem Areas”

  1. I love how you make all of this information so entertaining! My vagina could definitely use a little gym time – and so could the rest of me!

  2. I’m exhausted just reading the transcript of your session! What a workout! Thank you for sharing what you’re learning and doing. I work out at home (so my vagina just has to go downstairs) and will give these a try.

  3. Hi Ellen. Love this post! It really got me motivated and gave me the giggles:) that vagina outfits hilarious! I do ride my bike for 40-50 min a day and 4 days a week I try to do light weights with arms plus leg and ab work. It’s so hard but I feel 1000 times better after! I’ve lost 17 unwanted pounds that I gained during menopause with 7 more pounds to go! After knee surgery last summer it started coming off S L O W L Y… That’s ok. It’s more important not to starve the pounds off and have them stay off from healthy eating and exercise!

    1. Another Daniel!My Daniel is totally used to me…………afterall….I am in the vagina biz!!! I love my trainer……….he created a program that is doable, but very effective!

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