It’s My Birthday Today! - Ellen Dolgen

It’s My Birthday Today!

Having a ball at 63!

How does that make me feel?


When I glanced in my mirror this morning, “lucky” was the word that filled my heart.

I am lucky I get to be 63.

I am lucky that I have graduated from perimenopause to menopause to post-menopause.

I am lucky that I feel healthy and strong!

I am lucky that I watched my children grow up to become compassionate and loving people.

I am lucky to share 39 years of marriage with David.

I am lucky that my family is growing.  I have a wonderful son-in-law and a delicious 2-year-old granddaughter.  My favorite words are  “Gama EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”.

I am lucky I found my encore career as a women’s health advocate, author, blogger, and speaker. Helping to empower all of the wonderful women with whom I have connected, has been a joy and immensely rewarding.

I am lucky that I am surrounded by wonderful family and friends who have sent me beautiful birthday cards.  I  have them on my kitchen counter to remind me of their sweet love and support (not sure how to display the eCards??).  There is one missing card that was always signed, “To my very special Dear Daughter from your loving Mom.”   Luckily, I have a whole folder of them saved that I can pull out and enjoy.

A very special friend and mentor of mine taught me to try to make every day my birthday because that will remind me to celebrate every day!

Let’s all celebrate today and every day.

Happy Birthday to lucky me and YOU!


8 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday Today!”

  1. healthandnutrition

    Happy Birthday!!!! I’m grateful to have found your blog and be a part of your community. You are inspiring and your work is cutting edge. I can’t imagine what our mothers and grandmothers had to go through…so in the honoring of our own mothers and grandmother’s it’s up to all of us to reach out and help one another…and for this I thank you. All the best to you!!! And of course…Many more!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words! You are s right, our mothers and grandmothers suffered! It is up to us to make sure that we break that cycle and make sure women are educated about this time in their lives..Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Ellen! Enjoy your special day. Thank you for doing all the footwork on this serious topic and delivering it concisely with a slice of humor. After all we could use a few more laughs at this stage!

  3. Happy birthday Ellen 🙂 I need to get in contact with you again about being interviewed for the Menopause Morph Podcast. I’ll do that after you birthday, today is a day to celebrate and hang out with your loved ones. Congrats on all the things you are lucky with 🙂

    LoVe Pauline

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