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Not Pooping?!

This is a dirty subject, but someone has to talk about it!

No matter whether you belong to the Greatest Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Y or Z you may have suddenly entered the, “No Poop” Generation.

That’s right, you are not pooping like you used to!

I often experienced constipation when I traveled.  In our family, we called it “travel issues”.  I always carried a “fix it” kit. Sometimes my over the counter remedies worked, but often they left me bloated and uncomfortable the rest of the trip.

I was interviewed by the Washington Post on this very topic in an article entitled,  “What’s that going on in my stomach: Can you do anything about it?”  They also interviewed  Dr. John Clarke, a gastroenterologist at Johns Hopkins University who indicated that there are changes in the body — from mouth to stomach to bowels — that occur with age that may account for many minor digestive issues.

The article explained. “An estimated 12 to 19 percent of Americans deal with constipation; that percentage climbs with age, with estimates of 16 to 26 percent in those older than 65 and 26 to 34 percent in those older than 80.”

It continues on to say – wait for it- I know this will shock you, “The problem is more common in women.”  Studies have shown that perimenopausal women report more digestive issues, including gas and bloating.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to trade in my vagina for a penis –  just for a week or so.  But then I realize that I’d be scratching my crotch and “rearranging” myself – it’s just not a great look.

During my perimenopausal years, I noticed that I was having, “travel issues” even when I wasn’t traveling.  Oh, joy!  I was so sick and tired of dealing with this issue.

Many of my readers email about this very issue. Recently I had this email exchange with a woman who was recovering from her post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. She was feeling better, but unable to go to a birthday party because, as she put it, “I have a cement bag inside of me from the pain pills I have had to be on.”

She further explained that she was taking Benefiber, stool softeners, and Miralax!  Nothing was working. She was so uncomfortable she could not leave the house and go to the birthday party.  My stomach became bloated just from reading this.

Being an experienced member of the “No Poop” generation, I suggested she get a Fleets enema to get some immediate relief!

This is our email exchange:

Me: Check with your doctor, but I am thinking it might be time for a Fleets enema to get things moving.

Susan: That’s what my doctor said.  He’s going to see me tomorrow at 11.

When you send your husband to the store be very very specific about what enema to buy. Otherwise, he could be at the store for an hour and come home with 8 options, like my husband. They get overwhelmed with these kinds of purchases and suddenly their brains go to mush.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.  Houston, we have landed!  I just had a Fleets cake and its gluten free!

OMG, that is quite the description.  I am so happy for you!  You must feel so much better now.

 I do – I am having my own party right now!

I never have these issues anymore because my menopause specialist put me on the following daily regimen. No pain or bloating with either of these products. Here is the magic potion:

  • Garden of Life Primal Defense HSO Probiotic Formula (Gluten Free!)

          1 tablet in the morning with a tall glass of water

          1 tablet before bed

          You can get it on Amazon here.

  • Twin Labs Magnesium Caps (Gluten Free!)

          1 tablet 400 mg. before bed.

          If I am traveling or find myself with “travel issues”, I take 2 tablets before bed.

          You can get it on Amazon here.

I just ordered these. Now we are all enlightened.

Maybe I should start a movement about the movement!

Good idea!

My Motto:  Suffering in silence is OUT!  Reaching out is IN!

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32 thoughts on “Not Pooping?!”

  1. For 13 years I worked for the Fleet company. Every Fleet enema west of Denver in every drug store, grocery store, convenient store, mass merchandiser, hospital,or military base was sold by me! Using a Fleet enema is not a pleasant experience but it gets the job sone. Your remedy sounds much more friendly.

  2. I also have travel issues. So far, it’s just travel issues. I hope it stays that way. If not…well then…this is some great information!

  3. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Haha! A movement about the movement. Love it! What I don’t love is travel issues … yes, I have them too.

  4. Stephanie_The_Recipe_Renovator

    I used to travel with prunes, which always did the trick. The ayurvedic herb triphala is a natural remedy I use when traveling along with probiotic pearls, which don’t need refrigeration.

  5. Oh Ellen! You are amazing! I love this post! And I would like to have a penis for about a month, then return it! Yep, the ‘poop’ thing. For God’s sake, right? Love your suggestions!

    1. Haha……..yep – would be kinda interesting having that thing dangle between my legs for a month! As for not pooping………….these two items are life changing.! They sure changed mine………and ever single woman I have recommended them to!

    2. Ya, a month might be kinda a kick!!! As for pooping……………….. I must say that these two items have been life changing! Everyone I recommend them to wants to give me their first born!

    1. I am happy for you, Janie. It is good info to keep in a file somewhere – just in case you or a loved one need it!

  6. Susan Andrews Kanoff

    I’ve had issues my whole life but now that I’m in menopause it’s 10 times worse! I had been taking 2 Twin Labs magnesium pills each night but now they no longer work. Someone told me that Total Tea is helpful…sipping it as I write 🙂 Great article and love your sense of humor! Susan

    1. Susan, add the Pro-Biotic that I mentioned in the blog to your daily routine. I bet you will see a big difference! I am not familiar with Total Tea. Some of those teas have laxatives in them.

      1. Susan Andrews Kanoff

        I have tried many probiotics in the past with no results…is this one different? If so, I’ll try it!!!

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