Digesting the Holidays! - Ellen Dolgen

Digesting the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means? Lots of parties full of tempting holiday cheer and rich holiday food.

Remember the Freshman 15?  Well, let’s try to avoid the Holiday 10!

There is a way to enjoy the holidays without packing on that holiday weight.  This is not the time to lose weight! However, my goal is to just maintain my current weight. In order to be successful at this, every year I consciously create a healthy strategy!

Here are my top 6 tips to help you enjoy the holidays without expanding your waistline:

  1. Make time for some exercise during these hectic holiday daze! Exercise helps to relieve holiday stress and offset some of the holiday eating.
  2. Grab a healthy snack before the party. Never go to a party hungry!!! Whenever I do go to a party hungry, I find myself ignoring the guests and making a beeline for the food as if it was the last supper.
  3. Limit yourself to one drink! Sip it slowly! Remember, alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories — especially holiday favorites like eggnog.  Eggnog has a whopping 343 calories and 11 grams of saturated fat per cup, according to Nutrition Data’s analysis. Alcohol also tends to lessen our inhibitions and induce overeating.
  4. Wear snug attire! I know you would rather put on that billowing top, but if you are in something a bit more snug…chances are you are going to pay more attention to what you are eating and drinking. Don’t over Spanx yourself! Be comfortable but not jammies comfortable!
  5. Trim off the trimmings! Keep the rich, gravy laden, saucy holiday favorites to a minimum and gravitate toward the “cleaner” choices.
  6. Don’t deprive yourself of that pumpkin pie! Plan for it by leaving room for dessert.

I love the holidays!  They are a wonderful time to bring family and friends together.  You can have fun and enjoy your holiday favorites by being mindful of your choices. Eating healthier is much easier than you think!

My Motto: Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

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22 thoughts on “Digesting the Holidays!”

  1. I am increasingly more aware of how many opportunites there are to eat during the holidays! Just today my office had a huge breakfast full of sweet treats that looked amazing. But – I’ve got to pick and choose when I will indulge these days.

  2. Great tips, which I’d better start paying attention to. I think I’ve gained the holiday 10 already and we’ve only gone through Thanksgiving so far!

  3. Generation Above Me

    Oh, it’s the cookies that are the hardest for me to resist. I have to physically remove myself from the area where they are set out. And if people give me cookies, I have to regift them. Wearing snug clothes is a good idea. Thanks for all of the tips–new to me or reminders of what ideas have worked before.

  4. Great tips and ones I try to put into action whenever I go to a party. Thanks for the important reminder Ellen!

  5. I love number 4. What a great idea. You are so correct. When you wear something snug you are always mindful of what you eat. All great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are great tips at the perfect time! It is so hard to resist sneaking a cookie or two (or three) while I’m baking.

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