The American Heart Association Offers Online Education

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The American Heart Association Offers Online Education

The American Heart Association has a sister organization called Online AHA that offers online training in emergency cardiovascular care, CPR, and first aid. Online courses are delivered in 1, 2, or 3 parts. Courses that can be accessed using the online portal only are those that focus on cognitive learning elements. Other courses that require an additional in-person skills assessment will require that students attend local classes. For more information about specific courses, please review the website.

Healthy Lifestyle Associated with Decreased Risk for Heart Failure in Postmenopausal Women

Researchers recently published findings analyzing the impact of a healthy lifestyle on heart failure among postmenopausal women in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The intent behind the study was to evaluate a combination of lifestyle factors on heart failure and to question whether weighting each lifestyle factor had any impact on results. The results show that a healthy lifestyle is associated with a decreased risk for heart failure among postmenopausal women. Weighting the lifestyle factors had minimal impact.

Landmark Meeting Held at the FDA to Discuss Lack of Treatment Options for Female Sexual Dysfunction

The US Food & Drug Administration recently held a landmark public meeting on the topic of female sexual dysfunction. Thousands of Americans joined the meeting to address the lack of treatment options for women suffering with female sexual dysfunction, a condition that affects millions of women, their partners, and families. Planning for the event occurred after the FDA approved the 26th drug developed to treat male sexual dysfunction, highlighting the obvious gap in gender health equity.

Protein Associated with Triple Negative Breast Cancer May Be Key to Treatment

A research team at the University of Kansas School of Medicine has identified a protein that may be used to treat triple-negative breast cancer, one of the most deadly forms of breast cancer. The protein, kinase C, has been found in the tissue and metastasis of multiple tumors. The study, funded by the National Institute of Health, noted that prior research has connected the protein to other carcinomas, but not in breast cancer metastasis.

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