My bush is thinning! - Ellen Dolgen
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My bush is thinning!

Dear Ellen,

I am 71 years old.  My bush is thinning, stringy and grey! Anything I can do???


Dear Sally,

I wish I had an answer for those stringy thinning grey hairs.  While the younger generation is busy waxing and lasering their pubic hair, our generation is wondering what happened to our bush??!!

Hair loss can be caused by nutritional deficiencies, medications, and/or stress. Hair loss or hair thinning can, also, be caused by a low functioning thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and it will not stop until the underlying cause is addressed.

However, it is very common for post- menopausal women to experience hair loss. Most of the time, this is due to fluctuating hormones such as estradiol and testosterone.

It is not really recommended to dye ones pubic hair as the skin in the vulva is very sensitive. The chemicals in the dye could be problematic.  If you do decide to do this go to a trusted hair salon.  I have heard some women use Malibu Betty for dying hair “down there”.

Another option would be to do some trimming.  Sometimes shorter hair looks fuller!

I wish I could say, a little Miracle Grow would work on this kind of bush, but sadly this is only for your outside bushes.

Thanks for reaching out.  If anything new pops up…. I shall be sure to let you know!



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