August Giveaway - Ellen Dolgen

August Giveaway

Win The Duovet – a perfect solution for sleepless nights!

The Duovet is the only dual temperature duvet with a warm side and a cool side to keep you both comfortable.  Perfect for couples or anyone suffering from hot flashes or night chills.  The Duovet has 40 ounces of soft synthetic fill on one side, and only 20 ounces of fill on the other so you’ll both sleep comfortably.  No more sleepless nights because you’re too hot or too cold.  Get the good night’s sleep you deserve with the Duovet.

Enter to win Ellen Dolgen’s August Giveaway!


July’s Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Marie!!! Winner of the Ellen Dolgen’s July Giveaway (3 boxes of estrogen-free Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer).


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  1. I was under the impression …..from what I have read 100% cotton is the best material to help you keep cool. It has been very difficult to find sleepwear that is 100% cotton. There is Cool Jams but very boring unattractive styles and pricey. Do you have any suggestions?

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