Loss of Libido, Vaginal Dryness, Painful Sex : The O-Shot and Women’s Orgasms - Ellen Dolgen

Loss of Libido, Vaginal Dryness, Painful Sex : The O-Shot and Women’s Orgasms

Is there an unwritten rule somewhere that men should have a healthy sex life until old age, while women lose interest in sex altogether? It certainly seems that way. There are countless pills, creams, power drinks, and penile injections out there that support a man’s virility.  Women, on the other hand, are left wondering if it’s a lost cause, resigning ourselves to live out the second halves of our lives as though we’re holed up in a convent. It’s such a shame, too, because the older we get, the more in tune we become with our bodies.

As we learn to identify and adjust to our menopausal symptoms, we take comfort in knowing we’ve finished birthing our children, and we’ve had the time to learn what we want in a sexual experience. Women have the right to toe-curling, earth shattering orgasms, just like men. And just because you’ve reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean you no longer have a need for good sex in your life. But due to this double standard, having a fulfilling sex life after menopause just isn’t a reality for all women. Ladies, there’s now a light at the end of the tunnel.


Enter, the O-Shot.

The O-Shot is not a drug and it isn’t surgical. It’s a procedure that uses your own blood platelets to support your body’s natural ability to achieve an orgasm. The procedure is rather simple and can be completed in about 30 minutes at your doctor’s office or medical spa. Your blood is drawn as it would be in any routine laboratory blood tests. Plasma is then taken from the sample and placed into a syringe. The platelets are then injected into the vaginal tissue.


So what’s the connection between the big O and your blood platelets?

Platelets naturally help your body heal by attracting your own stem cells to the injected area, encouraging new, healthy vaginal tissue to grow. This new tissue will increase the area of sensitive tissue allowing more surface space to be stimulated to orgasm. In addition to improving your sex life, The O-Shot  also promises to cure urinary incontinence (when you accidently leak when laughing, coughing or exercising) due to weak pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles can lose strength because of vaginal childbirth, hormonal changes, high impact exercise, multiple pregnancies, or higher than average body weight.


The fact that doctors are working towards new ways to boost women’s sexual experiences is fantastic news, since research shows that sexual dysfunction occurs in about 30% to 50% of women (and that’s just those who report it). Common complaints include low sexual desire, difficulty attaining or maintaining sexual arousal, inability to achieve an orgasm, painful intercourse and urinary incontinence.

While some patients are thanking their doctors for bringing the zest back into their bedrooms, not everyone in the women’s health community is as excited. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is not sure that the O-Shot is a safe procedure. Like plastic surgery for your vagina, they’re not sure the O-Shot is medically necessary. And there’s just not enough research to prove its safety and effectiveness.


Still interested?

While The O-Shot is not readily accessible everywhere as of yet, the developers of the procedure are currently training doctors so that it can be offered to more women who are interested. If you have questions about the O-Shot or other procedures to help you achieve a healthy sex life, ask your doctor for more information.


Looking for alternatives?

If you’re turned off by a shot down there, all hope isn’t lost. There are other new developments that will strengthen your orgasm—and will stop you from accidently leaking urine as well:

  1. Strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles with Intensity, an intimate health and stimulation device that improves a woman’s sexual experience by exercising the pelvic floor muscles and providing targeted stimulation to specific areas of the anatomy. Intensity is scientifically designed to restore intimacy and pleasure. Intensity is used by doctors in conjunction with the O-Shot in many instances.
  2. To strengthen pelvic floors to prevent unexpected bladder leakage, turn to Apex, an automatic pelvic floor exerciser. It’s a medical device that will strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles to eliminate accidental bladder leakage. You’ve been told to “do your kegels,” but actually doing them correctly is tricky. This is the first in-home device that exercises your muscles correctly, every time.
  3. Recurring vaginal dryness can make everyday comfort and sex painful and can put unnecessary strain on your relationship. As baby boomers reach menopause, they are saying no to “sandpaper sex” and are finding relief with estrogen-free Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer. Replens provides soothing relief for 3 days of comfort by replenishing the natural vaginal moisture and regenerating the vaginal cells. As with dry skin that you experience on your face and hands, regular moisturizing treatment may be necessary to prevent dryness from recurring.
  4. Lube it up just before intercourse with a top quality silicone lubricant. Silicone is never sticky like water-based lubes and it’s long lasting because it never dries and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized. It also doesn’t break down in water and can be used in the bath, shower, or spa or for full body massages and skin conditioning. Shhhh! I heard Replens is coming out with a new Silicone Lube this year called Silky Smooth.


An Orgasm a Day…

Whether you decide to try the O-Shot or go with an alternative, it’s important to realize that orgasms are more than just fun. They’re also great for your health. Let me count the ways:

  • Stress relief. When you have an orgasm, the hormone, oxytocin, is released from the hypothalamus of the brain into the bloodstream. This creates an instant feeling of release and relaxation. And what better way to start off a good night’s sleep than with an orgasm?
  • Improved creativity. Increased blood flow to the brain helps it to receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs to function at a high level. So if you’re in need of some fresh ideas, want to rejuvenate your artistic goals, or just want to be able to express yourself more freely, just try getting it on more often.


The old motto is still true, ‘use it or lose it.’ so, you might as well enjoy every second. If you are a nominee at the Oscars this year, you got the “O” in the bag! An orgasm a day… Go for it!

Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!



10 thoughts on “Loss of Libido, Vaginal Dryness, Painful Sex : The O-Shot and Women’s Orgasms”

  1. not sure about the O shot, but I agree that orgasms are a great boost. A great book to read is Slow Sex, it’s all about the power of Om’ing – a kind of meditative stroking that a partner does. Alot of us need to get comfortable with more attention to our ‘parts’. And after practising this for a few weeks, I found greatly improved sensitivity. Look it up!

  2. Sounds good to me! There is not enough information out there for the average woman. You have to take it upon yourself to find out what you need! Thanks.

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