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Revised Guidelines on Tackling Menopause Side Effects

No need to go scouring the Internet. I’m here for you with all the latest menopause and health news.


Tackling Menopause’s Side Effects

Get the skinny from Dr. Clarisa R. Gracia of U of Penn on the revised guidelines issued by the American Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


Vast Study Casts Doubts on Value of Mammograms

A recent study, published in The British Medical Journal involving 90,000 women and lasting a quarter-century, has added powerful new doubts about the value of the screening test for women of any age.


When you always gotta go…

In a news release published by the University of Helsinki, Kari Tikkinen, MD, PhD, lead researcher for the FINNO Study, explains, “In women, stress incontinence is the condition whose investigation and treatment we should particularly focus on. Urgency incontinence is considered the most troubling urinary symptom in both men and women.


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2 thoughts on “Revised Guidelines on Tackling Menopause Side Effects”

  1. I began suffering from menapause since my late 40’s. I am now 60 and am still suffering from post menapause. My OBGYN has put me on a dosage of Estrodiol and Progesterone. I am still suffering from the following problems: insomnia, incontineance, very low libido, weight gain especially in the belly, and have been diagnosed with lichen sclerosis. Life is not fun in the menapausal stage. I belong to Kaiser and they do not have a compounding pharmacy, but I have been told that my hormones are the same whether taking synthetic or the compounded. Any help or suggestions?

    1. Hi Patty,
      I am so glad that you reached out for support.
      Are you currently going to a Menopause Specialist? If not, take a look at the Menopause Doctor Directory on my website.
      Since you are experiencing so many symptoms, it sounds to me that it is time to see your menopause specialist and get your hormone therapy re-evaluated. When you sign up for my Menopause Mondays Newsletter, you should have received my Menopause Symptoms Chart. Start charting your symptoms and take this in with you to your menopause specialist.
      There are many schools of thought on bioidentical hormones vs non-bioidentical hormones. Take a look at this page on my website which gives you the latest blogs and information on HRT. BTW, you can go to a regular pharmacy for a bioidentical estrogen patch and prometrium (progesterone) pills. No need to use a compounding pharmacy unless you need testosterone.
      Good Luck!
      Keep me posted!

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