Menopause Mondays: 6 Tips To Deal With Weight Gain and Stress During The Holidays - Ellen Dolgen
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Menopause Mondays: 6 Tips To Deal With Weight Gain and Stress During The Holidays

Deck the halls! The holidays are here! It’s the time of year when we celebrate our health, happiness, families—and try not to a) have a stress-induced hot flash or b) take our fat pants out of retirement.

“The holidays (or as I affectionately call them, “the holiDAZE”) become a perfect trifecta of issues that can result in compromised health and weight gain come January,” says dietician Ashley Koff, RD, author of Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged and the voice behind Ashley Koff RD Approved. “There’s a lot more to do (gifts to buy, cards to write, parties to plan and attend, outfits to put together, etc.)—and actually less time to do it in (the days are getting shorter and darker, signaling to our bodies that we should be going to bed earlier). Plus, during the holiDAZE, family, friends, and colleagues cause emotions to run high (and low), which can be a trigger for looking to food to do something other than provide nutrient support (emotional eating).”

Problem is, those comfort foods won’t keep you happy for long: Rich, fatty foods actually cause chemical reactions in the brain in a similar way to illicit drugs, ultimately leading to physical changes in brain composition, an increase in stress hormones, and depression, according to research from the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CR-CHUM) and the university’s Faculty of Medicine.

So it’s no surprise why most people gain some poundage over the winter months, according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. More stress, sadder moods, and a bigger waistline? No thank you!

Want to make your holidays a little less stressful—and sinful—so you can really enjoy yourself this winter and into next year? Follow Koff’s stress- and fat-fighting advice:

Plan Things Out

Planners, rejoice! “Planning is probably your best ally during the holidays. Setting aside time for sleep, for exercise, and also planning out what your week will look like food-wise,” Koff says. “Not every day can be a holiday and you will do better if you don’t pair several days of indulging in a row but rather plan out your routine and have it include some indulgences.” So get out your pen, iCal, whatever, and start slashing stress!

Think Quality, Not Just Quantity

Health is about more than calories, says Koff, a proud Qualitarian. Her recommendation: Focus on eating quality foods. “Pass on the turkey if it’s not antibiotic-free; skip the cookies if they are covered in artificial dyes, etc. But to avoid feeling deprived, make sure you have the better quality options available by a) bringing them (what host doesn’t want you to contribute to the meal to lessen their workload?!) b) having something at home or at the office that you will look forward to if you make the better choice and skip the poor quality one c) think of non-food rewards (holiday massage!!).”

Party with Produce

“Fruits and vegetables are your body’s cleanup crew,” says Koff. They rid the body of free radicals that lead to inflammation, stress, and weight gain. So, especially during the holidays, make sure you get your antioxidants. One easy way: Drink water with lemon throughout the day. It’ll give you a one-two punch of digestion-aiding nutrients and hydration.

Eat Happy Foods

Turn any frown upside down with foods rich in magnesium. The nutrient helps reduce cortisol levels and the effects of stress, such as sleeplessness, weight gain, and headaches. The best part: Cacao is one of the richest sources of magnesium around. Opt for bars with at least 70 percent cacao. You’ll get more nutrients, less sugar—and chocolate. That’s a win. Koff advises supplemental magnesium for most. Her go-to? Natural Vitality Natural Calm.

Budget Your Booze

“Alcohol tends to be involved—more often and more quantity—during the holidays, which impacts the quality of our sleep as well as the ability to make better quality and quantity food choices, and of course the alcohol itself adds calories,” Koff says. Plus, according to research in Alcohol & Alcoholism, just three alcoholic drinks can slash your body’s level of the feel-full hormone leptin by 30 percent, making post-drink cravings more than likely. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to be a total teetotaler. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that moderate alcohol consumption (the key word being moderate, aka a glass a day in women) can lead to a longer life.

Balance Things Out

“Menopausal women need to really focus on nutrient balance (carbs, protein, fats, and vegetables) so not overdoing or forgetting any one nutrient. A good rule of thumb is about 15 grams of carb max per eating occasion (about every three hours),” says Koff, who also recommends supplementing your diet with hemp. Hemp seeds and oil pack GLA, an essential fatty acid that is vital to hormone balance, especially during menopause.

If you want to fight menopausal weight gain, the holidays are the perfect time to start! Plus, not only will your scale stay on your good side, but you’ll also slash stress and be able to enjoy the holidays’ finer things: family, friends, and health! Happy holidays, indeed!

Reaching out is IN! Suffering in silence is OUT!



10 thoughts on “Menopause Mondays: 6 Tips To Deal With Weight Gain and Stress During The Holidays”

  1. I so agree with the non-deprivation idea! I have watched patients through the years try to do completely without foods they love – to watch them lose weight only to gain even more back. Am so glad your post mentioned having foods with you that you would look forward to eating! Even if you provide them for yourself! Good article!

    1. It seems like the most joyful times in our life also can be stressful — so it is helpful to be prepared with some tools to help us have the greatest joy! Thanks for your sweet words. xxoo

    1. Hi Carol,

      It is so easy to do that! Try not to let yourself get hungry! Keep an apple near by or a banana! I love pineapple as it is sweet and feels like I am eating something sinful!

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