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Menopause News Flash: Chemo-Induced Menopause

Menopause News Flash – research, news and information
No need to go scouring the Internet. I’m here for you with all the latest menopause news.

Breast cancer patients who have chemotherapy-induced menopause have menopause symptoms at rates similar to those of women who go through spontaneous menopause before their breast cancer diagnosis, a new study shows.

Women who are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer are 39 percent more likely to develop a second cancerous tumor in another part of their body, per a recent study from Spanish researchers.

Worldwide, about 200 million women are affected by osteoporosis. Did you miss World Osteoporosis Day on October 20? Learn how to access your risk and strengthen your bones for good.

Say again? During menopause, women’s concentration levels and memories decline by as much as 40 percent, according to new findings presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Has all of the calcium controversy got you confused? Now, in an assessment of the scientific literature, one UC San Francisco researcher says that, whenever possible, people should focus on getting calcium from foods, rather than supplements.

Did you have high blood pressure during pregnancy? It could have increased your lifetime risk of stroke by 40 percentaccording to a study presented at the Canadian Stroke Congress.


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  1. I’ve always heard that chemo-induced menopause brings on the symptoms fast and furious, at least it did for a friend of mine. Perhaps her menopause would have been that difficult, anyway; tough to know.

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