Ellen Dolgen in the News: "3 Tips for the Best Sex of Your (Menopausal) Life!” Featured article on BlogHer - Ellen Dolgen

Ellen Dolgen in the News: "3 Tips for the Best Sex of Your (Menopausal) Life!” Featured article on BlogHer

In Celebration of World Menopause Day, Blog Talk Radio’s January Jones “January Jones sharing Success Stories” chats with Ellen about empowering women during perimenopause and menopause.

Don’t miss Menopause Mondays:

“3 Tips for the Best Sex of Your (Menopausal) Life!” featured on BlogHer.

“The Alloro Collection: The Most Stylish Way to Support Breast Cancer Survivors, Research” featured on BlogHer and Fabulously40.

“Meet the Alloro Collection, the Fashion Brand that Fights Cancer” featured on Vibrant Nation and The Boomer Blog.

“What to Wear? The Alloro Collection Designs Fashion for Breast Cancer Warriors” featured on  Menopause Chit Chat and SocialMoms.


GLAMTM (Great Life After Menopause)Webinar, November 13th – Do you have questions about the vaginal changes associated with menopause? Email your questions to me privately at menopausemondays@ellendolgen.com. Help is on the way!


Fall into fall with a beautiful shimmering silk scarf from the Alloro Collection. Enter to win here.


Check out the Products That May Help You and get discounts on great menopause products, courtesy of EllenDolgen.com. Available now: botanically based vegan & gluten-free beauty-health-wellness products, cooling clothes, a sleek and discrete chargeable fan, a “Hot Flash Havoc” documentary, and a natural menopause relief formula. Enter promo code “ellend” to save serious cash!


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