Menopause News Flash: Tall Women Have a Greater Risk of Cancer

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Menopause News Flash – research, news and information
No need to go scouring the Internet. I’m here for you with all the latest menopause news.

For postmenopausal women, the taller you are, the greater the risk of cancer, finds a recent study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. In addition to the increased overall risk, height is also linked to a greater risk of melanoma, multiple myeloma, and cancers of the breasts, colon, endometrium, kidney, ovaries, rectum, and thyroid.

Are you hot? Or not? A new University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study finds that menopausal women tend to underestimate how often they have hot flashes and night sweats, particularly if they suffer from anxiety. Meanwhile, if they experience sleep disturbances, they are apt to overestimate night sweats’ role.

Take heart! Cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer of women in the United States, but women are less likely to receive preventive recommendations, such as lipid-lowering therapy, aspirin, and lifestyle advice, from their doctors than are men, according to researchers from The Ohio State University.

Thank you, evolution! Duke University researchers have found that menopause is a symptom of women living longer than their primate ancestors. Check out the findings!

Bone up: Research from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that vitamin D deficiencies contribute to premature bone loss. The best sources of the big D? Salmon, tuna, eggs, and—of course—sunshine!


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