Menopause News Flash: New Study Reveals Life’s Happiest Years - Ellen Dolgen

Menopause News Flash: New Study Reveals Life’s Happiest Years

Menopause News Flash – research, news and information
No need to go scouring the Internet. I’m here for you with all the latest menopause news.


Here’s something to look forward to: 23 and 69 are the two happiest ages, according to research from the London School of Economics.

Get your beauty sleep! In a new study from University Hospitals Case Medical Center, women who slept only five hours every night for a month had twice as many wrinkles and skin spots as those who slept for seven hours a night.

Each year, about 300,000 women with abnormal mammograms or other breast problems undergo surgical biopsies when they should have needle biopsies, which are safer, less invasive, and cheaper, according to a new study in The American Journal of Surgery.

Have you had your iron today? Up to 23 percent of older adults suffer from anemia, and now a new study in Neurology shows that the iron deficiency ups your risk of developing dementia by 41 percent.

Tell your daughters: Exercise improves mood and reduces levels of fatigue in pregnant women, says new research published in Psychology & Health.


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