Menopause News Flash: Fish Oil, Calcium and Vitamin D News

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Eating Fish May Cut Breast Cancer Risk:  Chinese researchers from Zhejiang University wanted to investigate the association between fish and n-3 PUFA intake and the risk of breast cancer after analyzing the results of 26 studies involving over 800,000 participants and over 20m,000 cases of breast cancer researchers found that breast cancer risk was lowest among Asians.  Study authors said this might be because fish intake is significantly higher in Asia than in western counties.

Women taking a combination of hormone therapy and calcium and vitamin D tablets after menopause were less likely to fracture their hip than those not taking hormones or supplements, in a new study.

Less than one in three patients in the US have their blood-pressure and cholesterol levels under control, according to a new analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Researchers say there exist significant opportunities for reaching national coronary heart disease prevention goals by improving hypertension and cholesterol control.

The First Nonhormonal Therapy for Vasomotor Symptoms Associated with Menopause received FDA Approval: Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,Brisdelle(TM) (Paroxetine) Capsules.

Rep. Bera and coalition of women’s health champions introduced the Women’s Preventive Health Awareness Campaign Act. It calls for the Department of Health and Human Services to launch a national public outreach campaign to raise awareness about the importance of women’s wellness visits.  When women meet with their doctors for annual well-woman visits, it can prevent illness, improve health, and lower healthcare costs.



Huffington Post50 featured Menopause MondaysVitamin D and Calcium Controversy.

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