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Ellen Dolgen in the News: Our Fabulous First Google Hangout

Were you part of the launch of our amazing Menopause Mondays Google Hangout last week? I answered the most pressing perimenopause/menopause questions from the members of the sisterhood and was joined by my daughter, Sarah, who discussed health and longevity issues pertaining to the 30-year-old crowd.

Watch the hangout in its entirety here and sign up here for the next Menopause Mondays Google Hangout on Monday, May 6 at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST.

Tune in tomorrow, April 9 at 10AM EST/ 7AM PST, I’ll be on “January Jones Sharing Success Stories” at BlogTalkRadio.com. Then, April 29 from 9AM PST/noon EST, I will be chatting with Dr. Miriam Greene on Doctor Radio, Sirius XM 81!

We want to know: What do men think of menopause? To help clue us in, please fill out this short survey about how menopause impacts your life as a man. Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous!

Don’t miss last week’s “Menopause Mondays: Living Naked and Free as Empty Nesters” as featured in genConnect, Huffington Post, Fabulously 40, Vibrant Nation, Menopause Chit Chat, Social Moms, The Boomer Blogs, and Yahoo!. Whether it’s our kids moving out, our husbands losing their hair, or our fertility shutting down, it’s easy to see ends as final. But if we make an effort to look over, under, and around them, we can catch a glimpse of the beginnings that follow in their wake.

In this second part of a two-part interview with Body Science Medical, I discuss how to explain menopause symptoms to your loved ones and how this communication can reduce stress levels at home.

The new website Generation Fabulous recently featured Forgetfulness: Menopause or Early Dementia? in which I explain the differences between dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and occasional memory loss during perimenopause and menopause.

Don’t forget, discounts on menopause relief products are available at EllenDolgen.com. Enter promo code “ellend” to save serious cash on Femestra, Dry Babe and more!

Enter to win what we’re giving away in the month of April.


3 thoughts on “Ellen Dolgen in the News: Our Fabulous First Google Hangout”

    1. Hi Carol-Thank you Carol. I merely present information and open up conversations. I want to thank you. It is you and our sisterhood who deserve the credit for continuing the discussions and seeking out information so we are properly informed about our health.

  1. I would like to know what are the long term affects are in the meds am taking here is the name of them Venlafaxine 37.5 MG. hope to here from you soon Thank You Rhonda Tober

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