Ellen Dolgen in the News: Menopause Mondays Women's Fertility and the Biological Clock as featured in The Huffington Post - Ellen Dolgen

Ellen Dolgen in the News: Menopause Mondays Women’s Fertility and the Biological Clock as featured in The Huffington Post

I’m not fooling you on April 1st. That’s the day I’m hosting my first Menopause Mondays Google+ hangout with genConnect. Add me to your Google + Circles now! Tweet questions with the hashtag #MenopauseMondaysGC or Email: menopausemondays@ellendolgen.com. The Menopause Mondays Google+ Hangout is April 1 at 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST.

Plus, on April 9 at 10 am EST I’ll be on “January Jones Sharing Success Stories” at BlogTalkRadio.com. And on April 29 from 9 am–noon EST I will be on Dr. Radio with Dr. Miriam Greene. Tune into Sirius XM 81!

Don’t forget to read and share “Menopause Mondays: Women’s Fertility and the Biological Clock” as featured in The Huffington Post, genConnect,  Yahoo!Fabulously 40Vibrant NationMenopause Chit ChatSocial MomsMinniPauz, and The Boomer Blogs. Women don’t often think about their biological clocks when they hit 30, but here’s why you need to …

genConnect features “Menopause Mondays: Is Menopause Turning You Into a Wino? Why Alcohol Won’t Cure Your Hot Flashes.”

EllenDolgen.com continues to undergo The Change. If you haven’t noticed the site’s new additions, that’s okay, we’re not offended… The work isn’t major but certainly a slight injection here and a nip-tuck there…

We’ve added a few pages to the The Store – designed for the sisterhood to recommend their favorite menopause relief products; another page invites you to send us first-hand accounts on how these products have helped you. We’re on a mission to feature the sisterhoods’ top product recommendations so please send us your picks and stories so we can continue to build a resourceful store for women! I’m quoted in a press release for BlowMeCool (a discrete fan you can buy in The Store).

You can still win our March giveaway of Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray. Enter to win the spray (a $65 value!) now!

Or, if you want the spray and other amazing menopause products now, discounts are available at EllenDolgen.com.  Enter promo code “ellend” to save serious cash on the spray, fan and more!


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