Menopause Relief Products: Blow Me Cool (Testimonial from the Sisterhood)

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Blow Me Cool Testimonial….

Hot Flash Hell

When you’re a career woman, being cool is important. The image of a calm collected woman-in-control can vanish quickly as you turn into the “glistening one”, with beads of perspiration on your face. The image is further diminished if you seek relief through overt, aggressive fanning motions.

As a professional business woman, being the only one in a room in the middle of a heat wave is not appealing. The challenge of trying to appear calm and cool when I’m having a hot flash was helped when I discovered the new BlowMeCool mini-fan. This little fan does just what the name suggests, it blows me cool. It provides immediate drug free relief. It’s always with me in my purse or a pocket – it’s like a new best friend. I like that it has no exposed propellers or blades; it can operate while hidden in my hand; and that it’s quiet and light weight. It’s strong enough to provide me a soothing flow of air, and instant relief during my hot flashes. It can actually stop my hot flash before it becomes a heat wave.

Also, I like the fact that my new best friend is environmentally friendly, its rechargeable battery means that I’m not increasing the number of hazardous waste batteries in the world.

I’m glad that today our menopausal sisterhood allows us to share our discoveries, and expand our awareness of the growing number of ways to manage our individual hot flash hell. Today, we can utilize many alternate ways to gain relief from annoying menopausal issues. I suppose we are lucky, years ago no one seemed to care – menopausal women mainly endured alone without great blogs to aid release.

Karyn Watson, Ottawa

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