Ellen Dolgen in the News: (Almost) Healthline's Top 10 Health Blog & Midlife Mona Lisa Smiles - Ellen Dolgen
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Ellen Dolgen in the News: (Almost) Healthline’s Top 10 Health Blog & Midlife Mona Lisa Smiles

It’s not too late to vote for  EllenDolgen.com for Healthline’s Best Health Blog of 2012! EllenDolgen.com is very close to being in the top 10 spot! It’s been blood, sweats (not hot flash related), tears and sleepless nights devoted to the website and women’s health advocacy. Thank you for your votes and support! You can vote every day for the next 5 days. (Vote EllenDolgen.com on page 2) >> Vote here!

Thank you, Midlife Mona Lisa (http://midlifemonalisa.com) for encouraging more women to Host Menopause Parties & Drink Menocosmos!

Living Better at 50 + Features “You Regenerated” and “Women and the Prevention of Heart Disease.”

Enter to win what renowned gynecologist and women’s health expert Dr. Lauren F. Streicher is giving away in February >> Click here!Don’t forget to read last week’s “Menopause Mondays: Forgetfulness-A Symptom of Menopause or Early Dementia?” as featured in genConnect, Fabulously 40, Vibrant Nation, Menopause Chit Chat, The Three Tomatoes and The Boomer Blogs . Fear not when you forget a name or can’t remember where you placed your car keys!



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