Menopause News Flash: Research, News and Information

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Menopause News Flash:  research, news and information

Benefits of black cohosh for menopausal symptoms unclear, says the new study involving 2,027 women. Another study confirms that this supplement often contains other species.

Mayo Clinic’s study suggests that hot flashes may be helped by paced breathing exercises.

Good news for cancer patients; In a new study, researchers from Monash University and Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research found that two proteins, PUMA and NOXA, cause the death of egg cells in the ovaries. Blocking the activity of the proteins may lead to new strategies to protect women’s fertility.

Women treated for breast cancer after menopause with aromatase inhibitors often suffer from sexual difficulties. The researchers from Örebro University and Uppsala University in Sweden claim the percentages were far higher than for postmenopausal women who were not being treated for breast cancer.

New survey confirms that majority of women suffering from menopausal symptoms are not receiving treatment or consulting doctors.

Scientists announced Sunday that they have finished mapping virtually all of the genetic mutations in breast cancer, an effort that could soon change the way patients are treated and eventually help researchers develop better treatments.

Is there a bias against women in science?


The Lighter Side:

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Long-term weight loss strategies for menopausal women.


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