Menopause News Flash: Exploring Menopause - Research, Facts, Precautions - Ellen Dolgen

Menopause News Flash: Exploring Menopause – Research, Facts, Precautions


Menopause News Flash – research, facts, precautions

Too much calcium causes kidney and heart problems. Every nutritionist will tell you one thing – Calcium. But how much is too much?

Menopause is the object of more and more studies each day. Can a blood test precisely predict menopause? This study says yes.

Hot flashes might be not all that bad. Find out why hot flash sufferers live longer?

Spanish study warns you about vitamin D deficiency. ”Women do not get enough vitamin D during menopause”, the study suggests.

Acupuncture can ease the symptoms of menopause. Find out how.

How are menopause, obesity and cognitive impairment connected to each other?


The lighter side : Menopause and nutrition

To soy or not to soy? Find out if soy is the right choice for your body.

A good menopause diet can help you protect your heart, bones and the rest of your body.

Soy sector ‘surprised’ by EFSA menopause and bone health rejection.

Menopause-friendly foods – Learn how to manage menopause symptoms through a healthy diet.


Menopause in the Media: The Ricki Lake Show

I was recently contacted by the folks producing the new Ricki Lake Show which will premiere September 10th.  Stations airing this show will be announced soon. They are doing a show called,  “Hormones 101.”  They are looking for stories from women.  You might want to tell your story.  See below:

Are you suffering a hormonal imbalance? Are you struggling with mood swings, food cravings or other symptoms associated with PMS or menopause? During PMS are you Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde? Do you  become a different person and lash out at your partner/husband, going so far as suggesting that he “find someone else” who doesn’t have PMS? Please send your story to


Menopause on stage: Menopause the Musical

Also, check out Menopause the Musical – a show celebrating menopause and women. Tickets for the fall are avalable now. Click here for a list of date and purchase options and save $5 by using the promo code REDHOT! There is a limit of four tickets per person, not valid on previous purchases or premium seats, and cannot be combined with any other offer.



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