Menopause News Flash: HRT Timing, Soy Supplements, and Menopause Fog - Ellen Dolgen

Menopause News Flash: HRT Timing, Soy Supplements, and Menopause Fog

Menopause News

If you are in perimenopause and are having symptoms – talk to your menopause specialist about HRT NOW!!!  Don’t wait too long or it may not be an option

If you or anyone you know is taking Amberen please read this and pass it on..

Study finds Soy Supplements Don’t boost Thinking Skills…

Read carefully…they are referring to oral estrogen and progestin  not bioidentical hormones…there is a difference – be sure to understand the difference…

The thinning of tissues in the urinary tract in women after menopause can weaken the barrier of deference and increase UTI risk as well.

Menopause Fog can be brought on by fluctuations in hormones, which can affect brain function and word-finding ability.  There is help for this



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