Menopause Mondays: Vaginal Dryness And Painful Sex - Ellen Dolgen

Menopause Mondays: Vaginal Dryness And Painful Sex

One of the many menopause symptoms that can put a wrench in your sex life – and your comfort level in general – is vaginal dryness. When I was going through it, it was as though my vagina had gone AWOL on a trip to the desert, and if I didn’t do something about it, it wasn’t coming back. It was very uncomfortable and totally discouraged me from having sex. I would have rather done anything – mop the floor, scrub the bathtub, walk on hot coals barefoot – anything. Until I found my HRT and learned more about lube options, you couldn’t get me near my bedroom.

Olga Cohen, the CEO of Grohen Technologies and the Creator of Vaginal Renewal Complex™, has developed a new product with Dr. Miriam Greene and Dr. Leo Galland – something she likes to call Olga’s secret.  Inner Intimates is a blend of natural oils, it enhances genital health and comfort for women who are on HRT and those who choose not to be. I wish I had something like Vaginal Renewal Complex to get me through the pain when I was going through it! We wanted to learn more so we asked Olga for all the details of her delightful little secret.


Q: What motivated you to start Inner Intimates, and how does Vaginal Renewal Complex work?
I suffered for many years with vaginal dryness and after going off of hardcore hormones which eliminated the problem, all my symptoms returned. Along with Dr. Leo Galland, an integrated medical doctor in Manhattan, we created a hormone-free complex of 4 natural oils that is inserted directly into the vagina via a specially designed applicator for comfort. Each of these ingredients actually helps rebuild the vaginal wall and brings back the moisture we lose after menopause and other conditions. Dr. Miriam Greene, a prominent gynecologist, did a 90-day usage study with 30 of her patients. The results were remarkable and over 95% of those women opted to remain on our program.

Q: How exciting! Is Vaginal Renewal Complex just for comfort during sex?
No, it’s more than that. I get such great responses from our users. One of the things they like about Vaginal Renewal Complex is that it is so different from other products on the market today. Most products in our category are just for sexual comfort and are not long-lasting. Vaginal Renewal Complex is a program or regimen to help restore the moisture that we lose with age. And of course, sexual comfort is the plus. I also recommend using it prior to having intercourse.

Q: How else does this differ from products used for lubrication that are on the market now?
It is not cold and wet, but rather soothing for both you and your partner. It just gives a little more lubrication. I have spoken with so many women around the country, and most just rave about how good they feel (by the way, I speak with men too, because they are involved as well).

Q: Of course, mutual comfort is very important. What is the most memorable thing you’ve experienced since you started Inner Intimates?
One of the best comments I’ve heard was a dear customer who said, “Thank you Olga, I have finally taken my body back from Mother Nature.” My mission is to help all of you to find relief from vaginal dryness whether you’re on HRT or not.

Olga sent me a sample of Vaginal Renewal Complex and I love it. It’s not just a lube to make sex more comfortable, but more of a regimen that will preserve my comfort. My airport liquid baggy is bulging with products that are definitely going to keep me face completely wrinkle-free and young. I think of Vaginal Renewal Complex as a vaginal moisturizer!

Vaginal Renewal Complex is great for women who are on hormone replacement therapy and those who choose not to be. It’s also a breakthrough product for breast cancer survivors who often go into drug-induced menopause (NIH). Hats off to Olga, Dr. Greene and Dr. Galland for developing something that will help so many women out there not only experience comfortable intercourse again, but will have an effective, long-lasting natural lubricant and continue to have joy, love and passion in their lives. This would be a great product to give your elderly mother who might be experiencing problems with vaginal atrophy! Thank you to Olga for taking the initiative to develop something so great! For more on Inner Intimates and Vaginal Renewal Complex, visit

Remember:  Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN.


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