Menopause News Flash: HRT Acceptance Opens Doors

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MedPage – New Position Statement from NAMS on Hormone Therapy

Lancet – Oestrogen and breast cancer: results from the WHI trial

The Los Angeles Times (3/7, Roan) reports, “The report is a follow-up analysis of the landmark Women’s Health Initiative, a clinical trial of tens of thousands of women begun in 1993 that sought to clarify the risks and benefits of two hormone replacement therapy regimens in postmenopausal women: estrogen plus progestin, which most women must take, and estrogen alone, taken by women who have had hysterectomies.” Investigators “followed 7,645 women from the original group of almost 11,000 participants for almost five years to see what happened to them after stopping estrogen therapy.”

Bloomberg News (3/7, Ostrow) reports, “the researchers found that women taking estrogen were 23 percent less likely to develop breast cancer compared with those taking a placebo during an overall follow-up period of about 12 years.” Participants “in the estrogen group who did develop breast cancer were 63 percent less likely to die from the disease than those in the placebo group.”

ABC Local – Study: Estrogen may lower breast cancer risk in some women

MedScape – HRT may help you sleep

Endocrinology Today – HT safe during menopause when tailored to individual patients

Drug Store News – Watson launches authorized generic menopause drug

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