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Menopause Mondays: Men In Menopause – Andropause!

male menopause

Is your husband or boyfriend suffering from Grumpy Man Syndrome? Is he sleepless, irritable like a rubber band waiting to pop, anxious, depressed, and experiencing muscle aches and pains? Is his middle spreading (pop belly) and his libido crashing?  If you are living with Grumpy and you’re not Snow White, your husband or lover could be going through male menopause!  Also, called andropause.

If you, yourself are going through perimenopause and menopause  you might be thinking, “wait a second, I have a lot of those symptoms…this is my thing, not his!” Well, this is not like when you were pregnant and your husband had cravings for pickles and ice cream…those are sympathy cravings.  Male Menopause symptoms are real and important to pay attention to!

You can help –encourage him to get in touch with how he feels.  Take out the Menopause  Symptom Chart and break open the conversation!  You can help each other keep track of your symptoms so you can communicate clearly and easily with your doctor.

Encourage him to make an appointment with his internist and ask for a testosterone test.  This is a simple blood test!   Bring the Menopause Symptom Chart to the doctor to help the doctor understand what he is experiencing.

Talk it out!  Share with your loved ones so they understand how you feel and can love and support you along the way.  If you talk about it, then your husband/lover/children/co-workers will not personalize your moods but rather sympathize and support you.

Together you can find hormone happiness and have hormone harmony in your house.

Remember:   Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!




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