The Twitter Twilight Zone - Ellen Dolgen

The Twitter Twilight Zone

Twitter Twilight Zone Menopause Tweeting

I was brought up not to talk about anything.  What goes on in the family stays in the family.  Words like private and personal were drilled into my brain. I learned these words before I was able to say, “Ma Ma.” If I strayed, a disapproving glance from my mother would freeze my mouth for days.

Now we live in a world of constant communication. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter. I gotta Tweet! Tweeting needs to be embedded into my body and become one with the rhythm of my heart. I feel like I have entered the Twitter Twilight Zone (The TTZ).

Can I do this?   Can I undo years of practiced silence?  Can I  peel  open  the embarrassing menopause moments, uncover the mundane part of my day, release every thought and idea that zooms around in my brain and share my being in The TTZ?

Is my life exciting enough?  Are you all ready for this? The Twitter prompt is “What’s Happening?” Well, I just peed. Aren’t you glad I shared?


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