Menopause Mondays: "The Change" Can Bring You to Your Knees

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It was a rainy day and I was happy for the change in weather. The change can lift you up! I calmly showered and used my new wonderful exfoliating crème – a lovely gift from a friend. My skin felt so incredibly soft and smooth.

It was going to be a good day.  As I put on my makeup, I noticed that I didn’t spot any new wrinkles.  Not that I count them, but a woman just kind of knows these things.   Maybe one of the many miracle creams I use is putting a halt to these creases. Somewhere I read that sleeping on your side causes wrinkles.  It would have been nice if someone had mentioned this to me before, but hey, I’ll take help whenever I can.

That day’s relatively light schedule allowed me to to play with my hair.   It’s not easy to come up with new hairstyles for short curly hair, but I thought I would try to twist it up and clip it.  It sure looks cute on Nicole Kidman.  Hmmmmmm….why not – change is fun!

The rain finally stopped and it got warmer.  It was a perfect day to wear a short skirt – maybe with a little half boot.  I am so tired of wearing leggings, high boots and sweaters. The weather has allowed me to change it up a bit.

I did my usual quick glance in the full length mirror and suddenly became frozen in place – I almost fell over. What is this????    I struggled to focus. Surely my eyes were having some kind of middle age freak out. For sure they were playing tricks on me! It wasn’t possible!

I tried to re focus myself:

Softer skin – check

No new wrinkles on my face – check

Cute new hair –do – check

Fun skirt – check

As my eyes continued down, they stared at me like angry witches. My two wrinkled knees. WTF!!!! No check; PANIC!

Just when I thought I was prepared for all that perimenopause and menopause brings, I realized that “The Change” really can bring you to your knees!

After struggling with her own severe menopause symptoms and doing years of research, Ellen resolved to share what she learned from experts and her own trial and error. Her goal was to replace the confusion, embarrassment, and symptoms millions of women go through–before, during, and after menopause–with the medically sound solutions she discovered. Her passion to become a “sister” and confidant to all women fueled Ellen’s first book, Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness. As a result of the overwhelming response from her burgeoning audiences and followers’ requests for empowering information they could trust, Ellen’s weekly blog, Menopause MondaysTM, was born.