Five Days in Menopause Before New Year's Eve - Ellen Dolgen

Five Days in Menopause Before New Year’s Eve

five days in menopause till new years eve

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, just 5 days in menopause away! What’s on your sticky note’s mind?  My sticky notes look like this:

– lose “the holiday 10” to look sexy in New Year’s Eve outfit

– figure out New Year’s Eve outfit

– backup plan for New Year’s Eve outfit: go shopping to find something that fits

– avoid the mall at all costs (lose “the holiday 10” instead)

– give away (immediately) all holiday food gifts

– depending on what outfit fits, finalize New Year’s Eve plans (possibly a pajama party)

– make New Year’s resolutions or just pull out last year’s: lose weight, exercise more & eat healthy

We have 5 days in menopause left in 2010. I’m taking my sticky notes down and having a cookie!


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