Wet and not Romantic

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Wet Not Romantic

New York in the fall: love it!

Midtown……cocktails with friends….time to head back downtown.  My sense of direction continually challenged, I bounced out of the hotel turning the wrong way heading up town.  After four blocks I flipped around and was heading downtown. Then sprinkles came.  No, not the kind on top of my favorite cupcake, the wet ones!

Then it went from sprinkles to a full on downpour! With no umbrella, all stores were closed, and no over hang in site, I was completely drenched.  Picture yourself under a water fall, sans the bathing suit – that kind of drenched.  Taxi cab after taxi cab flew by me, all full.  Visualizing an empty cab was totally a waste of time. It was not happening.

Suddenly, I spotted an overhang, albeit very small.  As I ran under it, I glanced down at my suede boots:  they were soaked!

My romantic fantasy of being caught in the rain running into David’s arms flipped into a nightmare with me drenched and running into a livery cab.  For many years David had cautioned me about ,livery cabs (aka black cars).  Actually, cautioned me is way to delicate of a word. Basically, I was afraid I would be kidnapped and raped any minute if I were to take one.

Stubborn and soaked, I flagged down a livery car!   The car was spotless and the driver treated me like his sister.  He passed me a handful of paper towels, which was a sweet gesture, however, what I needed was to walk through the blow dryer at the end of a car wash.

I wanted to feel safe, but the tape recorder in my head kept playing David’s voice telling me that I’m about to get murdered.  So, I called David to stay on the phone with me as we headed downtown.  The whole time praying that the driver was not going to attack me.

I arrived at our hotel, safe and sound.   The driver was sweet as could be.

For a moment, I felt badly about thinking so ill of him, just because he’s drives a livery cab instead of a taxi cab, and then I was kinda annoyed as I realized that he didn’t even hit on me.

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