rachael ray busts open the kitchen to talk menopause! - Ellen Dolgen

rachael ray busts open the kitchen to talk menopause!

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It was a gorgeous day in New York.  I had my family with me; after all, it was my first national TV show.  We were all excited; however, I was also very nervous.  As I glanced around at the many celebrities coming in and out of makeup and hair (they taped many shows that day) my Sumo (the HUGE hypercritical voice in my head) jumped out and began yelling at me.  I finally wrestled him down and then I heard, “Rachael is ready for you”.   Next the microphone was slipped into my shirt and off I went into the kitchen.

As soon as I entered her kitchen and saw the orange tile (my fav color) and the room filled with shmirshkies – just regular shmirshkies like me, I immediately felt at home.  Talking to Rachael Ray was like talking to a girlfriend – she’s a doll! The entire experience felt like a big Shmirshky Party sans the martini!

Rachael decided to focus the conversation on memory loss.  Yes, memory loss is a symptom many women in perimenopause and menopause experience.   Hot flashes, flushes and night sweats seem to get most of the attention, but memory loss is very scary and frightening.   Seems like one day you wake up and your brain has turned to mashed potatoes.  Your refrigerator, desk, and car dashboard all are suddenly covered in sticky notes!

As I was listening to some of the audience stories, my mind flashed back to one hot summer day when I was in my car, placing sticky notes on the dashboard. I turned on the ignition (not checking to see if my air conditioning vents were strategically placed away from the notes) and seconds later I was in the middle of quite the sticky note storm.  I called it hurricane E!

Check out Rachael Ray’s website and find out what time The Rachael Ray show airs tomorrow (Wednesday, September 15th). Tune in to find out “The Truth about Menopause!”

Thank you Rachael Ray for helping to break the silence and dishing out the facts about perimenopause and menopause. Tune in to get the scoop.

By the way, write this down so you don’t forget!


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