i love coronado!

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I live in a paradise called @coronadoisland.  It’s home of the Naval Air Station North Island, the Naval  Amphibious Base Coronado and the famous Hotel Del Coronado where Some Like it Hot was filmed with Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis. We have walkable sidewalks, bike paths, and a gorgeous public beach. The people who live here are absolutely wonderful.   Speaking of bike paths, that’s my aerobic exercise of choice.  It makes me smile just to be on my bike.  Perhaps it is because it reminds me of my childhood. I used to always ride my bike to my friends houses and to the little neighborhood strip center near our house.  My Coronado ride is pretty much the same every day.   The ritual path brings me joy  – I start out on the bay side and work my way up to the beach then back around the bay under the Coronado bridge, past the public golf course and then home.  No matter what time of the day and even early evenings there are lots of people everywhere. It is so fun!

Today, I hopped on my bike ride around 4.  Suddenly, I heard a bell and I reacted just like Ivan Pavlov’s dog. I started to salivate. It was the @BenJerrysTruck ice cream man, the newest great addition to Coronado!  No excuses for me anymore, I don’t have PMS (my period’s retired), I just found out I am in menopause (no period for a year now), but when I heard the bell, I craved ice cream.

Lucky for my menopausal bod, I didn’t have any money.  I was thinking of giving him my @blackberry instead.  Fair trade, right? Not really

Tomorrow when I ride, I will be armed with pockets of cash seeking out the Ben & Jerry’s @cherrygarcia bell.

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