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the menopausal vacationer

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Summer time is vacation time.  We spend oodles of time researching our destination, finding the cheapest airline reservations, hotel room, and chatting about how excited we are about the vacation.  This is all fun!

Then the dreaded P word enters our joy – packing.  Packing is not fun.  We spend hours thinking about it, talking about it and then finally doing it!  We really need a vacation by the time we zip up that damn bag.

Now that I am nearing M (menopause = no period for 12 consecutive months) my packing is quite different.  The space the period paraphernalia used to occupy is now filled with my lotions/potions that will definitely keep my skin young forever- plus lots of space for bras.   I remember when I used to go bra-less.  In those days, I might throw in one bra for a sheer dress, but I could crinkle it up in the palm of my hand.  It didn’t need it’s own department in the suitcase!   Whether the bra is strapless, t-strapped, or a plain old two strapper – all PM&M bras require wires and lots of space.    Sounds like a drag, I know, but it’s a worse drag if you don’t wear one.

I finally have everything all laid out on my bed. I can’t stall or procrastinate another minute so it is time to venture into last year’s bathing suit drawer.  As I stare at my bathing suits I can’t help but wonder if there is some way to sew a pair of spanx inside to wire up the rest of me!

I finally, proudly zip up my bag.  Yep, it’s all there in one carry-on! However, my suitcase looks like I feel after I have that second piece of apple pie on Thanksgiving.   I whisper to my suitcase, “Don’t explode. Once we get there I will unzip you and you will feel better!”


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