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leaking bladders

Is anyone up in arms about the unnecessary hysterectomies being given to shmirshkies?



Well, take note, because sometimes these surgeries can cause leaking bladders.

Of course, the spills can be caught in a Kotex or mini pad that you wear the rest of your life (oh joy…we thought we eliminated those!).

Just because you are having problems with your shmirshky, do not immediately re-decorate (remove it).  Get more than one opinion.  If you find that more than one doctor thinks the only solution is a hysterectomy then find out what surgical options you have. Learn about them.  Educate yourself.  You and your doctor are partners in this shmirshky business. Be an active participant in your health.

Be sure to understand what menopausal symptoms you will experience after the surgery.  Be prepared!

Remember Reaching out is IN!  Suffering in silence is OUT!


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  1. Thanks so much for posting this article! The a second opinion (or third or fourth) is SO important when it comes to permanently altering your body. One thing I’d like to point out however, is that to use a Kotex/Always/StayFree pad to catch stray urine can pose health threats. These mini-pads are fantastic, but they are not meant for the liquid consistency or odors of urine; they are meant for menstrual blood. Using the wrong type of pad can lead to frequent changing (which means $$ in the garbage) and skin irritation or infection.

    Believe it or not, Poise makes more than just adult Pull-Ups! Poise mini-pads are designed for the consistency and odors associated with urine. This means that you can change panty liners less frequently and you won’t assume the risk of skin infection that you do with other products. If you don’t like Poise, go with another continence product, but the key word here is continence!

    My name is Jana Krepel and I work for a Chicago-based not-for-profit called Women’s Health Foundation. We’d love to keep this conversation going with all you shmirshkies out there! http://www.womenshealthfoundation.org/blog

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