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my sumo takes a visit to the doctors

During my PM&M ride, I found out I have a sumo in my head.  He sits there all big in his loin cloth and yells mean criticisms into my ear. He tells me all the things I can’t and shouldn’t do or try. He has been yelling at me my whole life, but I actually caught a glimpse of him one sleepless night.  He can be very loud….sometimes he is on my head with his huge body spilling down over me, trying to trip me up.

Today is Shmirshky’s debut on the nationally syndicated TV show, The Doctors.  It was a lively show with Dr. Lisa Masterson leading the discussion along with Robin McGraw, Dr. Prudence Hall, Jill Zarin (Real Housewives of New York) and Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker).   I loved taping the show and to help spread the Shmirshky movement.

While I’m getting ready to see the episode air, guess who is back all big and loud!?

Mr. Sumo! He’s telling me all kinds of things. Mostly that I shouldn’t be on TV, that I’m not good enough at what I do, that I look ugly. You know, fun stuff like that!

Okay Sumo, hoist up your loin cloth – we are not listening to you today!   And by the way, have you ever looked in the mirror – you are no slim, wrinkle free, eloquent, hunk of a man yourself! So stop telling me I look like crap and don’t deserve success!

This is going to be a SUMO FREE day!


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