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shmirshky dialogues

Saturday I was at Be Beauty – located in downtown San Diego.  It was time for a little maintenance.  I was tucked under the covers waiting for my wonderful spa treatment when JuJu cracked the door and asked me if I would be willing to sign a book for a gal who was buying it for her mother.  I said sure have her come in with the book.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that perhaps this was not the most professional “author like” setting.  I think most authors do this from a desk inside a bookstore.  Immediately I had a flash back to my happy birthday breakfast with my husband, David (it was his real birthday).    I had hopped out of the shower and rushed (seems like Rushing is my middle name) to put on my robe to sit down for breakfast.   In my haste, I had forgotten to toss the shower cap.      I kept it on – memories are so important!

Two beautiful  young gals walked into the room, I peeled my head off the pillow – held the blanket tight to my naked chest and told them I would love to sign the book, but only if they both promised to read it.

They had entered the room smiling, excited and engaged and now they were politely confused and puzzled.    For a moment I thought maybe I had driven downtown with the shower cap on.    I casually and carefully slid one hand off the blanket draping my naked body and checked.  Phew…all good.

Next, I asked them if anyone had told them about menopause…they replied no. I explained that that was the reason I wrote the book – no one told me about it either.

I told them that perimenopause is a 6-10 year process.  At the end of the process when you have not had a period for 1 whole year – you are then in menopause.   During PM&M, many shmirshkies find that their mind goes mushy, they can’t sleep, and they have uncontrollable emotions, random hot flashes and a crashing libido. As if that wasn’t enough to handle lots of shmirshkies seem to take a trip to the desert – a parched Shmirshky is no fun.  This of course, was my big finally!

I signed the book.  I think they started reading it as they left the room.


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