drive safely and always wear a “think inside the box” tank! - Ellen Dolgen

drive safely and always wear a “think inside the box” tank!

My daughter, Sarah, was meeting me to help me out on some Shmirshky business.  She was late….seems to be genetic! Shmirshky business calls for a Shmirshky t shirt.  This morning Sarah was wearing the “think inside the box” tank top.  Love these.  (Check these out at our Fun Store.)

A few minutes later there were flashing red lights (not to be confused with hot flashes) and a policeman peering into her window.  He was gazing at the orange logo as Sarah tried to do what all shmirshkies do, somehow get out of this inevitable ticket.   After she dramatically explained that she was rushing to meet me to help me sell my new book Shmirshky: think inside the box which is about perimenopause and menopause, the policeman went back to his car.   He came back with a pen and paper – BUT not to write a ticket – he wanted the website address so that he could buy the book for his wife!

Moral of the story…..order your Tank Top ASAP.   Works better than crying- and doesn’t ruin your makeup!


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