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D&C – hysteroscopy – polypectomy

Who makes up these names? Yikes…just the sound of them makes a woman tremble!

Let me ease your minds, the names are MUCH worse than the procedures. In a nut shell, my uterus needed a good cleaning. They dusted, vacuumed and did a little pruning in there. I had the full spa treatment sans the aroma therapy.

Here are the “don’t fall off a cliff” notes on this. If you find you are having weird random bleeding, get your vagina checked out by your gynecologist. Don’t pretend that you are “fine”…. make sure you are fine. Because I was having random bleeding, my gynecologist recommended I have an ultra sound of my uterus. Although the pictures were stunning, you will not see them on the cover of Vogue. However, they did spot a polyp (growth). None of my doctors thought it was a good idea to leave this polyp hanging around in there.

My gynecologist recommended that he go in and take a good look at my uterus (Hysteroscopy), then do a little housecleaning/scraping of the lining of the uterus (Dilation and Curettage), and cut that dangling thing out (polypectomy). All these goodies were then checked to be sure that they were cancer free. You may have heard of a D&C as it is a procedure that is commonly used for many other conditions as well.

I chose to be totally sedated and in a hospital surgery center. They put some white leggings (I suggested they change these out for black ones – white leggings are a fashion don’t!) on my legs to prevent any clotting and then wheeled me into the spa (surgery room). Next thing I knew I was up and ready to be driven home. FYI – there can be a little dripping after this procedure. I wondered if they slapped a new coat of paint in there as little drips of reddish brown discharge seemed to be randomly showing up for a few days. I would have chosen orange paint….that’s my favorite color.

Oh by the way, VIP- the vagina is closed down for business for a few weeks after this house cleaning. Guess it has to rest up before I throw it a big housewarming party!


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